Marine Le Pen: Five Lies in Her Economic Program


Focusing on a detailed financial framework, a break from the euro shelving, inflation and purchasing power …: Unlike 2017, Marine Le Pen was in charge of its economic program. Face up. A deep dive into the details of the various measures proposed by the National Union candidates can be volatile and even misleading in many respects. Review of these measures that cannot be held up.

1 / Wet finger coding

There is no doubt that it will be criticized for amateurism. On her campaign website, Marine Le Pen shows the costing of her program, which at first glance seems to be fully constructed. Savings or additional income as much as new costs or less income. At first glance … the liberal think tank Montagne Institute calculates that no account exists and, with all the measures of the National Union candidates applied, our budget deficit is … € 102 billion. .. “Some recipes such as fighting fraud and savings are exaggerated, but the new costs are underestimated,” deciphered François Ecare, a former director of the Board of Audit and founder of the site. increase. For example, the Institut Montaigne has calculated that the cost of pension reform will be between € 23.5 billion and € 38.5 billion, but candidates estimate it to be only € 9.6 billion.

“In addition, certain measures are offered by candidates as” not affecting the budget “, but there is always one. It’s unlikely that an employer’s contribution exemption for a 10% salary increase would cost nothing, “François emphasizes. Ecare. So far, the French state still benefits from the comfort of the European Central Bank and the suspension of European budget rules. But that doesn’t last for the entire five-year term … and if Marine Le Pen erases the withdrawal from the euro from her program, “her project puts us directly in the financial sphere. There is a risk of collapse, “Judge François Ecare.

2 / Unconstitutional tax exemption

In her program, Marine LePen doubles the appeal of the foot to young people. In her mainstay, the National Union candidate wants to exempt all young workers up to the age of 30 from income tax. Goal ? Keep them in the French soil and prevent the flight of talent. The problem is that this measure is almost certainly considered unconstitutional. “Prioritizing taxpayers in one category, or vice versa, is open to legislators, but the exemptions granted should be based on general interest reasons. “The Montagne Institute emphasizes.

Reasons for general interest that are difficult to prove: How to justify the exemption of very high-paying young soccer players while income tax is levied on employees over the age of 30 with medium income teeth? The wealthiest will also be the big winners of this bill. As Terra Nova points out, “where peace, peace, peace, and peace can make almost nothing, young graduate executives put thousands of euros in their pockets.” Corporate tax exemption for young entrepreneurs under the age of 30 also risks being considered unconstitutional for the same reason.


3 / Protective trade-oriented measures that promise a confrontation with the European Union

In order to “protect farmers and high quality food for all”, Marine Le Pen wants the cafeteria to use 80% of French produce and ban imports that do not comply with French standards. I am. Protective trade principles that could turn into a confrontation with the European Union. The first step does not respect European public procurement rules. “The Commission then launched an infringement proceeding, and if the dialogue failed, France could be subject to financial penalties,” explains Tania Racho, a European law doctor.

Regarding import bans that do not comply with French standards, “unless there is an environmental or health justification for actually retaining water, we cannot impose additional standards on European products,” Tania Racho said. I’m emphasizing. Therefore, measures that are more spells …

4 / Save 16 billion euros a year with immigrants

Book family benefits for households where at least one of the parents is French, exclude them from RSA, activity bonuses, foreigners with disabilities or housing allowances who have not worked for more than 5 years, restrictions on immigrant families, Reform and exchange of asylum State medical assistance with “significant emergency assistance”: These are the measures that make up the main source of funding for the Marine Le Pen program. Candidates for the National Union want to recover € 16 billion a year for immigrants.

The problem, most of these numbers are suspicious, according to the Montagne Institute. The Montagne Institute estimates that these measures will save only € 10 billion annually. In the best case. Some of them conflict with the social rights set out in the Constitution, international treaties, bilateral treaties, etc. and can be difficult to implement in practice. Candidates clearly planned a parade. She wants to use the referendum to establish a “referendum”. It remains to be seen if Article 11, which many constitutional experts are disagreeing with, can be managed. Otherwise, Article 89 will be required to be used and therefore the referendum will be verified by the Senate and will not be a majority. There is one last obstacle left to go through before earning these $ 10 billion savings. It’s a vote in favor from France. Many uncertainties about the program’s first source of funding …

5 / VAT reduction is partially applicable … but not very effective

To respond to rising inflation and declining purchasing power in France, Marine Le Pen has reduced fuel, fuel oil, gas and electricity VAT from 20% to 5.5%, removing it from 100 basic essentials baskets. I want to get rid of it. The waltz on the label continues. Recent European directives allow these tax deductions, with the exception of fuel. Can candidates for the National Union negotiate with Brussels? “There is nothing to show that any criticism could be granted for measures that are very orthogonal to the purpose of decarbonizing the green deal,” said a think tank in a memo dedicated to this subject. Terra Nova shows.

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But above all, the economic effectiveness of these measures against purchasing power has not yet been proven. Past examples of VAT reductions, such as restaurants, have not been successful. Companies tend not to pass on all of the price increases, but absorb some of the VAT cuts and increase margins … while when rates go up, they hesitate to pass the increase to the label. plug! Just an example of a good false idea.



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