Man: Economics blame Maki’s destruction, police chief explains

Economics blame the destruction of his Maki called Maki Le Drapo

Economic operator Ousmane Sanogoh hosted a press briefing in Cocody on Saturday, February 19, 2022. He used this platform to blame the looting of his maki called maquisle Drapeau by elements of the Mobile Intervention Group (GMI) deMan on April 19. And 20th 2020.

According to him, it was the courtyard of the universe that was open. He wants justice to be done. Mann’s police chief, who was contacted by African Soir Brahima Uatara, explained that it was in the context of compliance with government measures for the fight against Covid-19. According to Ousmane Sanogos, promoter of Drapeaumaquis:

“The facts date back to April 19th and 20th, 2020 in the Zele district of humans, where I was the victim of abuse of authority, theft and destruction of property. Indeed, Sunday, April 19th, 2020. Around 4 pm, a neighbor of Maki holding a birthday party at home contacted me. This is how they asked for my Maki’s courtyard to share their meals. Covid- Maki was closed for 19 reasons, so there was no inconvenience to agree. “

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Separation of GMI police officers

“Around 5 pm, a detachment of police officers from the Human Mobile Intervention Group (GMI) led by Sergeant OF rushed into my Maki and began beating the staff. In the heat of action, Sergeant OF He slightly hurt his finger. At 7 pm, another muscle separation of an armed man arrived at Maki and broke the door before looting it. Nothing escaped, especially. Refrigers, drink racks, my KTM-type motorcycles, etc. kept at Mann’s police headquarters, all suggesting they came to take revenge on their colleagues, “he said.

Destruction of flag maki
Destruction of flag maki

In addition, “I later learned that the sergeant would have said he would have been injured by Maki’s staff. This is not true. Not satisfied with their actions, they were on Monday, April 20, 2020. Returning around 10am, they fire tear gas throughout the neighborhood, after which they begin beating the neighbors and then use nail pullers, machetes, etc. to destroy what remains after their last visit. And this is under the pretext that it is under the leadership of the state. “

The economic operator indicates that three months later, the police chief passed the secretary and asked to pick up his belongings in the prefecture. “When I did not obey, he began to threaten me with legal action. This is how I filed a complaint with the Abidjan military court under number 0412 of 24-09-2020. 2020 On November 8, the mixed brigade instructed the gendarmerie, once in Makisdrapo, to arrest all residents under the pretext of selling drugs, while I deal with my costs a bit. I tried to start over with Maki, but that day Maki was closed, “he points out.

The case remained unsuccessful

Go Sano said he had seized CNDH on November 27, 2020. He said: This was completed and was taken over by Abidjan management in May 2020. Since then I have been waiting. However, I asked them to contact Government Commissioner Ange Kessi to initiate the investigation process.

“On January 8, Maj. Gen. Anjou Kessie requested an investigation under No. 003, so he requested the Inspector General to conduct an investigation on suspicion of theft of others and intentional destruction of property. Since then, the case has remained unfollowed, and in August I returned to see the Maj. Gen. and told him that the file was not in progress.

“This is sent, requesting that the findings be forwarded to him as soon as possible. Then, in September 2021, I was greeted by Commissioner Fandjoumon Daniel. I have not been followed up since that day. Hmm. I went on February 18, 2022, the day before the press conference, and found that the files hadn’t changed. And this was 14 months. On August 23, 2021, I was a good governance official again. I contacted him and asked him to be involved in the case. I’m still waiting, “he observed.

“I want effective treatment”

“I blame, beyond me, how many Côte d’Ivoires are in this situation. Why the state is spending so much money on these structures that are struggling to function. I have filed a complaint not against the Governor of the Human Police, but against the person who came to plunder my Maki, “he specifies. And in conclusion:

“I don’t necessarily want to be right, but I want to handle the case quickly and efficiently. I say that right because you can’t destroy someone else’s property with the excuse of being a nation. I disagree with the Prime Minister, Head of State, Minister of Justice, etc. on this matter. ”To balance the information, according to the requirements of the Newspaper Law, Afrik is a fact about dismantling Maki. I contacted Brahima Ouattara, the Chief of Police of the City of Manchester, to get his version of.

He was fired

“That’s right. It happened according to my instructions. He went to Mann’s court, his case was dismissed, he came to see Mann’s governor, his case was dismissed. He went to the military court in Abidjan, which was the same. Today he is free to speak, but if he was caught, he would be arrested Covid. Since it was during the battle with -19, the government instructed him to close all Maki and public places, “he elaborated.

Economics blame the destruction of his Maki called Maki Le Drapo
Economics blame the destruction of his Maki called Maki Le Drapo

“And around 4 pm on Saturday, the gentleman opens a maki to celebrate someone’s birthday. I know there is another crowded maki open while we close some maki. It was his colleague who informed us, so I sent a crew member to check the information and have the person in charge close the information, “explained the police chief. He emphasized: “As soon as the police arrived, they were greeted with bottles and one of them was injured. After their crime, they fled. Power remained in law, and in such situations government instructions It was to put an end to this action by robbing all the weapons they used to open the maki. It is not his only maki who is suffering from this fate.

His purpose is

And remember. “It was done for everyone, but as soon as the measures were lifted, we returned their belongings. For him, given that one of us was injured. He was introduced to everyone who was arrested. He called me when he was in the Governor’s office for the same reason, and I said he was at this time to celebrate his birthday. Did you say you’re waiting to hear him explain why you’re allowing him to open his maki? ” However, according to him, Sanogo did not come and he went to Abidjan to complain about the test.

“As evidence, we sent them all the steps taken within the framework of the government’s struggle. Everything taken is listed. His stuff is in the courtyard of police headquarters. When he comes, listen to him in the minutes and return them to him. We have no personal deal with him. We just implement government measures. In any case, the barriers are lifted. “It was done,” the police governor insisted. Regarding the question of the contact information of the human GMI commander to get his version of the fact, he cut it short, “The GMI commander has nothing to do with this case. I have nothing to do with her. I know very well. “

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