Macron’s Report, Prison Youth and Modern Forgery: Three Cartoons to Read This Month

Quinquennium Macron: Evaluation of “Social War”

A few weeks before the presidential election, it was time to buy shares. By the way, what should we remember in the last five years? In addition to the thematic reports produced by Alternatives Economiques, feel free to immerse yourself if you need to refresh your memory. Res Publica, 5 Years of Resistance, 2017-2021, Going back to President Macron’s main line with cartoons. “” 5 years of alliance war “I just looked through the eyes of the author, who expresses himself as follows:” Two citizens witness their time “. Writer David Chauvel and illustrator and colorist Malo Kerfriden could be each of us (perhaps except for their extensive bibliography!).

The menu has an exaggerated promise of candidate Emmarche on the reform of unemployment insurance that came into effect, reflecting the moralization of political life, the abolition of the ISF, the labor market reforms led by Muriel Penico, or recent events. .. Last fall, and the hospital situation deteriorated. Of course, in a typical thread, the percentage of yellow vest movements and police violence. Some portraits of the severed demonstrator demarcate the chronological progression of the sometimes suffering story, which is the only drawback of some length.

Therefore, the author’s “citizen” perspective is far from neutral. But their goal is not to bring this or its politicians to justice, but to decipher the more general philosophy that led them to make this or its decision. Therefore, such businesses need to look a little more in the rear-view mirror. “” Emmanuel Macron’s policy, neoliberalism? To find out, we must first decide what we are talking about.And before it becomes “neo,” let’s return to liberalism, its definition, and its history. “For example, before spending more than five pages on the genealogy of this idea, please describe the author. Result: A very comprehensive retrospective!

Res Publica, 5 Years of Resistance, 2017-2021.. David Chauvel and Malo Kerfriden, Delcourt, February 2022, p. 320. 29.95 euros.

Minor mode prison

At the end of September 2021, a new criminal law against minors replaced the 1945 ordinance, which provided for treatment previously reserved for criminals under the age of 18. Its main purpose is to shorten the duration of criminal trials for young people through a two-step decision. The former must be convicted within 10 to 3 months of the facts, and the latter must establish sanctions 6 to 9 months later. That is the theory. This schedule has been determined by many stakeholders in the judicial and prison world to be unsustainable by certain means.

Ben Encante, 17 years old and a few days old, who was assigned to the Boys section of the Fleury Melodili Mand Center in the Paris area after being accused of sexual assault, suffers from a lack of this means. With the help of cartoonist Bust, Isabel Dortrem talks here about how he lost his foothold because of a system that gives the oppressive element the privilege of undermining the educational element, but other prisoners. Is essential to. It’s a fictional story, but it’s rooted in reality because the author is a journalist and specializes in educational issues. Designer Bust has already led a comic book workshop in the detention area for minors.

“” This kid filled his head with projects and pofs and was done! (…) Rather than three hours of lessons a day, the activities offered to them will change something. (…) Everyone knows that we’ve never locked in so many people because there are educators among the minors! “After an interview with a young detainee, he plagues Matthew of Youth Judicial Protection (PJJ). Ben was tried before his majority and is there a transfer he fears in Major League Baseball? For others, time is running out.

17 pins.A year’s story in prisonIsabelle Dautreme and Bast, Futuropolis, February 2022, 128 pages, 20 euros.

Today’s parable

La Fontaine’s parable is timeless. French cartoonist Sebastian Luminault proves it to us through his cartoon adaptation of a selected text by a poet born 400 years ago.

However, there are no crows or foxes in this short piece. Animals have been replaced by humans, the publisher explains. Cover the man hiding behind [les] Rhyme and fully expose his bestiality “. Humans, Sébastien Lumineau, make their prototypes and alternately are the wealthiest or most unstable in our society. Therefore, readers are as arrogant as the powerless of the poor. You will be struck. “” Court rulings make you white or black, depending on whether you are powerful or miserable Can you read “Animal with plague”?

Through this modern adaptation of the parable, Luminault casts doubt not only on our perception of justice, but also on our perception of democracy, identity or inequality. “” I know everyone is attributed his happiness to his industry (…). And if there is any failure following our mistakes, we say we insult our destiny.Not common here anymore : Good and evil we do are good luck, we are always right, fate is always wrong “Concludes one of the parables and talks about the exploitation of traffickers at sea, where love for profit leads to his own loss.

La Fontaine allegorySébastien Lumineau, Cornélius, 2022, 104 pages, 16.50 euros.