Low cost insurance

Discover all the tips for cheap car insurance

When it’s time to choose an insurance policy, one of the key points in the decision-making process is price. To get the cheapest car insurance, you can intervene in some parameters of your contract. Explanation.

Good driving for cheaper insurance

First, insurance history will be one of the key factors that will serve as the basis for calculating your contribution. Therefore, you should be careful to avoid all claims you are responsible for while driving.

This allows you to accumulate larger bonus factors over the years. If the cap is 50%, maintaining this maximum premium for several years in a row allows some insurers to add additional reductions for good behavior.


You also need to avoid suspending or withdrawing your driver’s license. Therefore, to lower the price of automobile insurance, it is advisable to carefully adhere to traffic rules and speed limits.

Vehicles: Key criteria for getting the best insurance price

If driving is important in insurance premium calculations, vehicle choice is also important. It’s more economical to insure a classic small city car than a convertible with a V8 engine or a large American SUV.

Popular brands are generally inexpensive to cover. Their high distribution means lower repair costs, which will affect the amount of your insurance plan.

Insurance method selection: Guarantee price

When you make an insurance quote for your car, you will be offered several levels of coverage. We usually find:

  • Third Party: Basic formula with compulsory civil liability,
  • Third glass breakage: same as managing broken windows,
  • All Risks: A comprehensive formula that covers damage to the vehicle, even if you are responsible for the collision.

These various formulas can be complemented by additional warranty such as fault support, 0 km towing, driver warranty, mechanical warranty and so on. All of these options have additional costs to consider.

Compare insurance offers and choose the best prescription

The only solution to get the best price for your car insurance is to compare as many offers as possible. You can use an online comparator to do this. On these websites, you can see rates for multiple insurance companies by profile and vehicle with just a few clicks.

There is a big price difference depending on the profile of the driver and the insurance company. The guarantee formula you choose also affects the amount, as shown in the following example. We interviewed the Comparator and insured the new Peugeot 208 II 1.2 75 cv for an uninsured, just-licensed 18-year-old young driver.

We ran the same simulation on the same vehicle for a driver who was born in 1973 and has been licensed since 1991. The driver’s experience guarantees a much lower price.

These fees are for informational purposes only and are subject to change at any time by each insurer inquired.

What you need to know: If the price can make a difference, you need to take into account what it contains. Each insurance has its own guarantee and you should look closely at each offer to see the differences in insurance and deductions. You can subscribe to a specific insurance company directly online or contact the insurance company via the contact form at the end of the simulation.

The key to lowering the price of your car insurance

To reduce the cost of insurance, we provide three additional tips that have a significant impact on the price of insurance premiums.


Insurance per kilometer

To significantly reduce your donation, if you rarely drive, choose insurance that covers per kilometer of mileage or that limits your mileage to a certain amount each year. This can typically vary between 5,000 and 9,000 km depending on the insurance company. With this type of option, you can reduce your contribution by 10-15%.

Deduction amount

Few people think of this option, but you can play with the deductions if you are billed. If you rarely have a collision or broken glass, you can take advantage of discounted rates by accepting higher deductions. Paying € 100 or € 150 more for a collision can save you 10-15% of the amount of your car insurance for several years.

Online insurance

New insurance companies are emerging on the market to provide completely dematerialized services such as online banks. There are no agencies in town, just an internet platform for signing contracts and managing bills. This type of insurance has the advantage that it is often cheaper than large companies.