L’olivier Assurance: New Generation Insurance

L'olivier Assurance: New Generation Insurance

Faced with digital, the insurance sector is in the midst of turmoil. For the general public, especially young licensees, the possibility of finding a cheaper, closer-to-need solution has never been possible. The best example today is L’olivier Assurance, a digital brand that is already rewarded for its quality of service.

Online insurance: the world is changing

Like other areas, the insurance industry has long relied on physical contact. Prior contact with an expert was required to sign the contract. This required a business trip, which impacted the cost of these solutions.

With the advent of digital technology and digital insurance, everything has changed.“Insur Tech”.. Not only can businesses get insurance without leaving home, but companies can now reduce their staff and facility needs. This makes contracts much more affordable in the long run.

I want to know: L’olivier Assurance has added several benefits to significantly reduce insurance claims. This guarantees a bonus 50 life in the event of a claim. Also, the deduction amount will be reduced each time the contract is renewed.

L’olivier Assurance, best quality of service

However, the quality of this new type of insurance depends on one criterion: customer follow-up. With digital insurance, all this follow-up is done online or by phone. In other words, if something goes wrong Simply dial your phone number or send an email to get a response.. Social networks are mandatory, and automated messaging (chatbots) and personal spaces answer most questions.

This is where the L’olivier Assurance stands out. The property insurance follow-up received the 2022 elected customer service label. Most companies offer quick connections with advisors, but this goes a step further. Its adviser is in France (more accurately, Lille). But above all, it promises a quick response to the customer, regardless of the customer’s situation. Thereby :

  • In the case of car claims: When faced with a fixed vehicle, L’olivier Assurance can quickly provide a loan vehicle, A tow truck will intervene within 45 minutes and will provide 100 euros if this deadline is exceeded.. Plus: The company is a partner in a network of approved garages that manage quality of service.
  • Faced with Home Claims: L’olivier Assurance offers locksmith costs up to € 300. Again, the brand is in contact with a network of qualified professionals and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

On the phone, waiting time is always as short as possible.. If you have questions, phone and email are no longer the only options. L’olivier Assurance is also supported on social networks.

Affordable and fast: ideal young driver insurance?

L’olivier Assurance is part of the Admiral Group, an impressive UK group specializing in direct insurance. With solid experience, Admiral won the Insurance Times Awards 2017 and became the best direct insurance company of the year.

Born from the digital revolution, L’olivier Assurance understands the importance of adapting to new applications.Therefore, initially it embarked on a strategic sector of Car insurance.. But soon it diversified and added home insurance. And recently The company has launched a contract specializing in insurance for electric scooters.. These machines dedicated to urban mobility are often very expensive and this insurance is especially well thought out.

The contract is designed for all audiences. For fans of electric scooters The offer starts at € 3.6 / month, A formula that is very easy to raise funds. On the car side, there are always ways to reduce your bill with sponsorship, MultiAuto, and MultiProducts offers.his Young driver insurance It will be much cheaper.

The solution is 100% digital and is synonymous with high speed as well as post-disaster intervention. It only takes a few minutes to simulate a car or house quote.. All steps can be managed from your personal space, fixed or mobile device.

L’olivier Assurance keeps up with the latest trends in online insurance. Fast, affordable and an interesting solution for young drivers. Supported by a large group, it is renowned for the quality of customer service and guarantees some security in the face of dangers associated with homes, cars, or other vehicles such as electric scooters.

Important points to remember:

  • L’olivier Assurance is part of online insurance. With its 100% digital services, you can reduce costs and provide more affordable solutions.
  • For this reason, it is a very competitive young driver insurance. The home insurance also provides complete and prompt coverage.
  • The company continues to diversify its offerings with electric scooter insurance. Its main purpose is to maintain the best possible customer service!