Log’S, Wattrelos’ Economic Future Reopened at La Martinoir: Soon 400 Employments

Logistics Campus in Wattrelos. (© ASHourdeaux / Northern Cross)

Log’S 35 hectares of industrial wasteland left by the departure of La Redoute Martinoir site in Wattrelos. The first warehouse was opened in June 2020. Since September 2021 Logistics Campus It is operational and With 200 jobs, and soon 400.. Monday, February 28, 2022, it was the time of the inauguration. With pride and excitement!

District story, Martinoir

“I feel this is an important moment for the city. Part of our economic and social future is at stake here,” Mayor Dominique Bart immediately shared.

The mayor on the left, Dominique Baert, has opened Log'S Logistics Campus with Log'S Manager Franck Grimonprez (on the right).
The mayor on the left, Dominique Baert, has opened Log’S Logistics Campus with Log’S Manager Franck Grimonprez (on the right). (© ASHourdeaux / Northern Cross)

He recalled the history of this iconic district, Martinoir. “. This is where Wattrelos was born,” with the majority of farms and near the Belgian border. “

The economic history of this place could develop from 1959, when the city council at the time decided to make it the first industrial zone in Nord. “It was boosted by the appearance of La Redoute in the 1970s. It has remained there for 45 years and has 2,000 employees. All parcels from France have left Wattrelos,” the mayor said again. ..

Log'S has moved to its former location in Wattrelos' Redoute de la Martinoire, a 13,000m2 warehouse on 35 hectares of land.
Log’S has moved to its former location in Wattrelos’ Redoute de la Martinoire, a 13,000m2 warehouse on 35 hectares of land. (© CityWattrelos)

From crisis to hope

Unfortunately, the 2015 crisis affected La Redoute, which fired most of its workforce. “The company is still in Wattrelos, but on a much smaller site, with 1,500 fewer employees …”

What to do with a large warehouse that is left empty? The meeting between Dominique Baert and Franck Grimonprez is decisive. “I told him about the proximity to the border and the workforce! Log’S leaders understand that we can build new dynamics here,” the mayor said.

He adds: “It’s the biggest company in town, it will create jobs! La Martinoir has become a place of hope.”

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Log'S means 200 jobs in Wattrelos and soon 400 jobs.
Log’S means 200 jobs in Wattrelos and soon 400 jobs. (© ASHourdeaux / Northern Cross)

130,000 square meters warehouse

If Log’s resides on 45 sites in France, the company was born in 2002 in the north near Valenciennes in Anzin under the name “Logistique Grimonprez”. It became Log’S in 2013. It currently exists in Leers, Arras, Maubeuge, Lesquin, Lauwin-Planque, and soon in Denain in 2023.

Log’S in Wattrelos had already invested in a 36,000m2 building in 2020 with Pimkie as its reference client. At the end of 2021, we expanded another 92,000m2 with Alice Garden as our partner client. Overall, Wattrelos’ Log’S has a warehouse of approximately 130,000 square meters on 35 hectares of land. “The installation here is worth an investment of € 85 million,” said Franck Grimonprez.

The Martinoir ruins of Wattrelos have been revived.
The Martinoir ruins of Wattrelos have been revived. (© ASHourdeaux / Northern Cross)

Environmentally responsible

The Log’S manager recalled the ethics of the company that developed the environmentally friendly approach. “We have devoted 5 hectares of Wat Le Rosite to biodiversity. We also have 90 m2 of solar panels installed. We are not robbing farmland, but only industrial wasteland. , Fighting soil artificialization. “

Frank Grimon Press has launched an appeal on this occasion. “I’m talking to political leaders. Remove the administrative constraints that hinder business development. »»

The Wattrelos site already has 200 employees and will reach 400 in a few months. “We strive to recruit as many residents as possible,” the CEO guarantees. Good news in areas with high unemployment.

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