Life insurance that acts on the basis of carbon dioxide emissions

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What if we tell you that your savings represent as much CO2 emissions as all your trips and your annual consumption? An average of 11 tonnes of CO2 is generated annually per French person. This is equivalent to 15 flights from Paris to New York. Of course, you don’t know what your savings support? Welcome to the Opacity Club!

Good vest

But don’t worry. It provides the key to reducing carbon dioxide emissions without having to move out of your chair or become a vegetarian (think of it). Learn why and how Goodvest will support you in this transition.Goodvie contract with code FREDZONE offers up to € 500

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Who is Good Best?

Goodvest is a French fintech created in 2020, referenced as a broker and registered with Orias. For the time being, we will only distribute general life insurance policies, but we plan to start PER in 2022 to help French people prepare for retirement.

What does this arrangement mean?

The main purpose ratified at COP 21 is to strengthen global response to the threat of climate change by keeping global temperature rise 2 ° C below pre-industrial levels, further increasing temperature rise to 1.5 ° C. Continue your efforts to limit.

And to do that, for every ton of CO2, French people need to make sure that their carbon dioxide emissions do not exceed 2 tons of CO2 per year.

We are ready to change habits to change things and spirits from an environmental and social perspective, but without knowing that, our savings fund companies that go against our values. Used to: Our money is used by financial institutions to raise funds for fossil fuels, tobacco and the armament sector. To put an end to this paradox, Goodvest has decided to choose only financial support that meets the objectives of the Paris Agreement, that is, funds that have a global warming trajectory of up to twice a year.

100% committed savings

Therefore, the difference between contracts lies in the support provided. Under the Pacte Act, from January 1, 2022, all multi-support contracts will include at least one, or at least three, labeled funds labeled SRI (Socially Responsible Investment), Greenfin and Finansol. Some contracts can offer hundreds of units of accounts if required. Goodvest has decided to offer only SDFR 8 or 9, and labeled funds.

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To meet the transparency requirements, the company does not intend to stay on the label and applies its own selection criteria, so do not hesitate to publish the selection method. In particular, we strictly exclude investments in companies that violate the UN Human Rights Code. Rights or people working at:

  • Extraction or production of all fossil fuels (coal, oil, gas).
  • tobacco;
  • Armed;
  • Adult entertainment.

Instead, Goodvest offers six investment themes.

  • Transition to eco-society;
  • Employment and solidarity;
  • New science and technology;
  • Emerging countries;
  • Access to water;
  • health.

In addition, each account unit is rigorously analyzed and selected according to the carbon dioxide emissions of the companies present in the portfolio. And thanks to the partnership with Carbon4 Finance, co-created by Jean Marc Jancovici, this feat was successful. Clients select assets according to their personal commitments, while respecting the obligations of the Paris Agreement.

There are no euro funds here that are too uncertain about the direction of savings and do not meet the requirements of the Paris Agreement. Only “clean share” UCIs and ETFs can be found here. This is what makes all the difference. Goodvest promotes investor performance because it does not receive retroactive funds provided.

It’s an approach that fits perfectly with the purpose of transparency, and it’s rare for a broker to communicate for all charges charged to a client. The startup fee is 1.60 to 1.90% including everything., It depends on the composition of the portfolio (0.9% for Goodvest, 0.60% for Generali, which guarantees the contract, and about 0.30% for the management company). There are no opening, closing, payment or arbitration fees.

The contract is accessible and aims to have a clear strategy. It has a minimum of € 500 to subscribe and € 300 for people under the age of 26. During the simulation, Saver can choose from five risk profiles (safe, cautious, voluntary, ambitious, or bold), so his assignment best matches his situation.

As with all financial investments, performance depends on the risk of capital loss borne by the investor. Through 2021, performance of that obligation fluctuated between 5-14% of performance after deduction of fees. What a dream the owner of the euro and passbook A funds!

Subscriptions take place online in minutes. Launched in September, Green’s committed life insurance has already attracted more than 1,000 customers.

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