Life insurance, stock markets, Bitcoin … how to protect your savings from the war in Ukraine

The war in Ukraine is shaking financial markets. What are your savings risks and how to deal with them? Decryption.

7th day. As Russia’s attacks continue in Ukraine, Western nations will tighten economic sanctions on the Kremlin. The results came soon.Five days after the start of hostilities, the ruble 27%, Reaching 119.5 rubles per dollar, the lowest ever. And to avoid the worst, the Moscow Stock Exchange wasn’t opened on Monday.

But the Russian economy may not be the only one suffering from this conflict. The impact on the international financial markets is felt. So should you sell everything before it’s too late, redistribute your savings for safer support, or just be patient with your worries?

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Stock Market: Don’t give in to panic

CAC 40 ended after a sharp drop last Thursday (-3.83%) and a rebound on Friday (+ 3.5%). 6,396.49 points This Monday, 3.94%.. Some values ​​are particularly distressing. The image is that car maker Renault (-11.23%) is engaged in Russia through its subsidiary AvtoVAZ or Engie (-13.19%). Conversely, defense and weapons-related stocks soared at the beginning of the week: + 11.87% With Tals + 7.87% For Dassault Airlines.

However, it’s not enough to be afraid of new crashes.We support Skin reaction The financial markets to be forced to modify are said by economist Philippe Crevel, director of Cercle de l’Epargne. For him, the consequences of this crisis should not be exaggerated beyond the effects of surprise.

Especially in the near future, French companies seem to be largely unaffected.Yes 35 French companies Of CAC 40, we have a subsidiary in Russia. Five% Among their total sales, Philippe Crevel explains. Both Russia and Ukraine are marginal customers of eurozone countries as far as exchanges are concerned. 1 3% change.

In the short term Raw material price Netinvestment co-founder Karl Toussaint du Wast states that it constitutes a major risk factor.Oil barrels are certainly seeing their prices rising up $ 100 First time since 2014.

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If the conflict is prolonged, it can have serious consequences for the European economy. But so far the market is skyrocketing, Karl Toussaint du Wast continues. In summary, don’t give in to panic. Take the time to ponder things before selling. More adventurous people can even take advantage of this depression to strengthen their position.Buyers benefit from all the expansions below 36 euros Observe Nicolas Chron, Zonebourse strategist, in a tweet about Franaise des Jeux (FDJ) to charge.

Life insurance: Be careful not to freeze losses

The same is true for life insurance. If you have a contract that is partially invested in an account unit (UC) that is at risk of capital loss, you may be tempted to: Arbitrate We support funding in the euro.

However, be aware, Gilles Belloir, Managing Director of Placement-direct. Arbitrating for safer support during a panic is like freezing your losses.This can be justified if you wish Protect your capital Implement a short-term project.But you don’t need money right away and your allocation is yours Investment periodExperts conclude that it is better to turn backwards and wait for the price to rise.

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Cash: No danger

This is often the consumer’s first instinct. In a crisis situation, the worst was expected and as a precautionary measure, we decided to withdraw a few banknotes from the nearest Cash mattress It is intended to protect you from the worst possible scenarios. But in a trust-based system, this seemingly harmless gesture can have serious consequences.

The European subsidiary of Sberbank, one of Russia’s major banks, has had a bitter experience with this. Weakened by international sanctions, Significant cash withdrawalAccording to the European Central Bank (ECB), the facility is currently bankrupt or may be bankrupt.

French banks are also suffering from the crisis.Crédit Agricole 7.76%While BNP Paribas is on sale 6.81%..Exhibited at the height of Sosit General 18 billion euros Established in Russia through a subsidiary of Rosbank, 9.36%.. So should you hurry to the nearest ATM?

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There is no danger. Karl Toussaint du Wast replies that French banks have few strategic positions in Russia and their solvency is never threatened, despite minor price adjustments.

To reassure the people of the European Union, the ECB also Liquidity conditions Citizens’ access to cash. The agency also said it was ready to take all necessary steps to ensure price and financial stability in the euro area.

Cryptocurrency: Road to Russia

Finally, do you need to bet on Bitcoin in times of crisis? In many cases,Digital goldThe status of Bitcoin’s safe shelter has been repeatedly challenged in recent months.As proof: Bitcoin has fallen Less than $ 35,000 It reached a low of $ 34,472 on Thursday nights.However, the queen of cryptocurrencies quickly put together itself, and on Monday its prices soared and stabilized the surroundings. $ 43,400.. According to some experts, the rise may continue. Economic sanctions have been declared by the state, but in reality it is the banks responsible for ensuring their implementation.Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and Cryptocurrency in Russia Exit door To avoid sanctions, says Karl Tusan du Wast.

However, investors still need to be careful.Russia and Ukraine Mining area An important cryptocurrency, even if the Russian authorities have officially stated that they no longer want to be mined.This situation is Increase volatility Philippe Crevel warns that the market is already extreme.

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