Life Insurance: Did your contract work better than the 2021 average?

Almost all insurers have published the performance of the 2021 fund in the euro, which is a safe part of life insurance policies. Find the name of the most profitable contract. Then, position yourself in relation to the average.

This is an annual big savings event! Like the 18 million French people who have life insurance policies earlier this year, you wonder how much money your life insurance policy has brought in in euros.

Euro-denominated funds are a very legitimate question, as they have a lot of impact on the annual revaluation of contracts, especially for savers who have invested 100% of their capital there. And there are still many!

According to the estimate of incomeFrom 2020 (average 1.30%), the rate of return on life insurance in the euro in 2021 reached 1.10% on average after deducting management fees (but before social security burden).About the Gold Trophy Income- Best contracts identified annually by editorial staff-The average rate of return on funds in the euro is approximately 1.30% in 2021.

If you read the annual report (received by the end of March), you may be one of the lucky policyholders whose revaluation of funds in the euro has been maintained at the same level as last year or even increased. ..

This is a (good) surprise as many observers predicted an overall decline in 2021. In the meantime, it must be said that the situation has changed with the increase in Livret A’s reward, which has risen to 1%. Since 1er February 2022, or annual inflation well above 2%.

Life insurance contracts that generated more than 2% in 2021

Most of these very good contracts that offer a yield of 2% or more in 2021 income 2021. At the top of the ranking are euro-denominated funds that have benefited from the bonus.

These include Helios Patrimoine Conservateur (2.60%), Evolution Vie (2.62%), Direct Placement Swiss Life and Darjeeling contracts (2.70%), and the new Allianz Vie Fidélité (2.90%). These rates are reserved for policyholders with a significant share linked to the unit to reward them for playing diversified games. Note, for most of these contracts, if you have 100% funds in euros, the rate will be divided by 2.

Note two notable contracts in this very good rate category. RESmultisupportdela MACSF (2.10% in 2021) and Garance Epargne (2.75%). They assign the same rate to all policyholders, regardless of profile or investment. We encourage you to report.

The original Primonial / Oradéa Vie Target + contract has two funds in euros over 2%. TargetEuroSecurity (2.35%) and Infra EuroSecurity (2.10%), which are also the last funds included in the Patrimea Premium contract. The EuroPierre Security Fund (Primonial / Suravenir) under Sérénipierre also offers a 2.50% return, but unfortunately we are not accepting new subscriptions after 2020.

Insurance contracts with an annual rate of return of 1.50% to 2%

At this high range rate of funds in the euro in 2021, there are many Trophées d’Or 2021 contracts. income : Asac-Fapès and Gaipare provide 1.80%. MIF, Afer, or AGPM provides 1.70%. Internet contracts insured by Spirica (Linxea Spirit, Meilleurtaux Liberté, etc.) have announced a 1.65% revaluation rate for the new fund in euros, with partial guarantees from Spirica.

You can also find all internet contracts that refer to funds in euros between 1.50% and 2%. SuravenirOpportunities (1.80%) (subject to change) and Suravenir Rendement (increased to 1.60% as part of managed management): Fortuneo, Linxea, Altaprofits,, Meilleurtaux, Yomoni and more.

Also note that the Dynavie monosupport contracts from Monceau Assurances have increased significantly to 1.90%.

Finally, there are also certain top-of-the-line contracts distributed by banks in this category. Societe Generale Ebene (1.80%) or CNP / Bank Postal Cashmere Patrimone (1.90%), a significant percentage of account units.

2021 insurance policy between 1% and 1.50%

Most of the contracts in this category are above average (1.10%). This is not the average feat of low interest rates during these periods. Identify the contracts of a large mutual insurance company (Macif, Maif, MMA, Matmut, Carac, La France Mutualiste, etc.) or an insurance company or bank insurance company (BNP Paribas Cardiff, Ques de Pagne, Crédit Agricole, LCL). You should also mention contracts for Ageas / Axa (1.10%), Boursorama / Generali (1.35%), or Sicavonline / Ageas (1.25% -1.65%).

Life insurance contracts with a yield of less than 1% in 2021

Traditional insurers or bank insurers have already broken this 1% lower bound on their base rate of return for a year or two. Axa has an Arpèges contract (starting at 0.90%) and is currently betting not only on the Eurocroissance Fund (3% in 2021), but also on Generali, Groupama, Apicil and more. As for banking networks, most of their consumer contracts are less than 1% in 2021, except for some better high-end contracts.

Finally, many French people with “old” bancassurance contracts closed to marketing will have the unpleasant surprise of discovering that their annual rate of return is below 0.50%.

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