Life Insurance: Candidate Proposals at Elysee

Are French priority investments and life insurance threatened? Afer wanted to know the answers of the presidential candidates at the Assises de l’épargne in Paris on Monday, March 14th. Here is their suggestion, between the promise of financial stability and more radical innovation.

With 770,000 members and a € 55 billion life insurance balance, Afer, France’s leading savings and loan union, knows how to hear his opinion … and gives politicians a say. increase!

The Objective met with the 8th edition of Assies del’Afer, initiated by the Association’s President Gerard Berkerman, on Monday, March 14, 2022, in front of Salle Pleyel in Paris.

Less than a month after the first round of the presidential election, Affer asked Elysee’s candidates to outline the key savings policies they are considering. Six of them sent representatives. Details of their proposals for life insurance, savings and real estate are as follows:

Emmanuel Macron (Republic of March)

There is no “financial zigzag,” according to LREM’s deputy Laurent Saint Martin, who spoke to members of Afar.

Financial stability, including social contribution, income Laurent Saint Martin. Moreover, there is no doubt about integrating life insurance into real estate. Regarding inheritance, Emmanuel Macron even envisions “a relief for the popular middle class transmission.”

Marine Le Pen (National Rally)

Its representative, Philippe N’Guyen, also advocated the stabilization of the tax status of life insurance and the creation of a sovereign wealth fund. Managed by Caisse des dépôts and invested in infrastructure and new technologies, the fund provides savers with a fixed fee (+ 2%) that increases with holding period.

For real estate, he mentioned a € 300,000 reduction in the main dwelling or “single dwelling” (for example, the second home if the tenant of the main dwelling).

Eric Zemmour (Reconquest)

For Bijay Monany, who came to defend Eric Zemmour’s program, the current life insurance taxation remains unchanged. Meanwhile, he mentioned the abolition of the Sapin 2 Act, a 2016 law that allows the state to temporarily block the redemption of life insurance funds in the euro.

Reconquista candidates are also planning to create an “innovation booklet” for the PEA model, which will be exempt from taxation and social security contributions in five years.

Jean-Luc Melenchon (France Insoumise)

His spokesman Hadrien Toucel mentioned the end of tax exemption for life insurance invested abroad to repatriate investments in the country’s territory. Regarding inheritance, Jean-Luc Melenchon recalls the desire to completely exempt inheritances under € 120,000 and tax 100% over € 12 million, especially to fund university housing. Did.

In his program, LFI candidates also provide for the establishment of a large public banking center.

Yannick Jadot (Europe Ecology-Greens)

According to his spokesperson Guillaume Duval, EELV candidates want to introduce a tax deduction of € 200,000 per person throughout their lives, including donations, inheritance tax as well as life insurance. .. Therefore, EELV will release € 6-8 billion to raise funds for its dependencies.

On the investment side, Yannick Jadot wants to enhance its existing labels (ISR and GreenFin) while facilitating long-term savings and investment in ecosystem migration.

Valerie Pécrès (LR)

His representative, Xavier Bertrand, reminded Afar members that he was a former insurance agent, but said Republican candidates would not affect the tax situation of life insurance. On the contrary, it wants the Constitution to include non-retroactive tax law. Valérie Pécresse also cuts donations by € 100,000 every six years (currently not 15 years) or increases the deduction for direct line inheritance (children) to € 200,000 per heir (currently € 100,000), indirectly. Line (for example, nephew or niece).

Gérard Bekerman concludes Assies del’Afer by proposing his own suggestions to candidates. For example, we recommend raising the core age of life insurance payments to 75. This is set from 1991 to 70 years old (real estate deductions are not very available for amounts paid over 70 years old).

Alternatively, this also dates back to 1998 to raise the level of the allowance of € 152,500 per beneficiary. The technical point of life insurance with no candidates.