Life Insurance: April 2022 Premium Performance of Evolution Life, a unit of accounts entitlement to 2022 Performance Bonus entered prior to May 31, 2022


Evolution Life: Increase some of your capital and maximize the profits of others

Until May 31, 2022, Evolution Vie life insurance policies will provide access to new unit-linked investment media with the risk of capital loss. Premium Return April 2022 Is a structured product that aims to obtain an attractive gross return of up to 3.55% per six months of ownership while benefiting from a mechanism that protects the capital invested within certain limits. [1]..

Aviva Multi Bonus 2022

Cherry on the cake, Rendement Premium Avril 2022 is eligible for the Aviva MultiBonus 2022 offer. Thanks to the latter, some of the payments or arbitration invested in Aviva Actif Garanti support in the euro will be able to benefit from additional rewards in 2022. This additional reward will be 50% or 100%.Subject to payment or arbitration terms and minimum investment rate per account [2] Eligible for businesses with a risk of capital loss.

Aviva Multi Bonus 2022 provides details

Offers subject to the terms reserved for payments of € 7,500 and arbitration of € 2,500 between July 1, 2021 and June 27, 2022 under the life insurance policy Evolution Life. .. The amount invested in Aviva Actif Galanti Support for payments / arbitration made within the Aviva Multi Bonus 2022 Operation Framework was still invested on 31 December 2022 and is an effective profit sharing. On the day of allocation, you may benefit from an additional 50% of Aviva Actif Garanti Support’s overall rate of return payments, or 100% of payments and arbitration. However, the minimum portion of payment or arbitration (fixed to 30% or 50% depending on the option selected) is: It will be assigned to a unit in an operational eligible account and will remain in that state until December 31, 2022 and the effective allocation date for profit sharing. Details of the terms of the offer are specified in the contractual appendix. Cumulative payments / arbitrations made within the Aviva Multi Bonus 2022 Operations Framework can be up to € 500,000 for the same subscription. AvivaVie will be terminated early if any changes to the warranty fee regulatory provisions are required.

[1] Partial or total loss of capital can occur at maturity of 10 years during the lifetime of the security if it ends support before the maturity of the security or if the index is closed on the day of the final observation. I have. .. More than 40% compared to the initial level recorded on June 15, 2022.

[2] WARNING: Products linked to the unit are at risk of capital loss. Aviva Vie only commits the number of units in your account, not its value. The value of these account units, which reflects the value of the underlying asset, is not guaranteed, but can fluctuate up and down, especially as financial markets evolve. Past performance does not indicate future performance and is not constant over time.


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