L’Expression: Nationale-The Ball of Foreign Economic Partners

Exports of $ 7 billion in non-hydrocarbons are expected in 2023 …

With unprecedented intensity, the pace of exchanges and visits by senior representatives of foreign partners has accelerated considerably in recent months. Based on “traditional” bilateral relations, the integration of economic parameters is now on the forefront during the recent official conference between Algeria and her long-time partner, as well as the recently opened new front. It is out in. It must be said that the institutional path following the collapse of the old system and the renewal of the system, supported by the liquidation of the administration and the fight against corruption, has greatly contributed to the reconstruction of the image of a declining country. A destination that has long been held hostage by the oligarchy, it cannot be shared or developed, and the development of new horizons is even less. From this sentence-like observation, Algeria had to be removed to be able to bounce. Something that was possible only through ongoing profound reforms at a speed that showed great awareness of the challenges faced, especially the time to catch up. With this in mind, after nearly two years of setting up and preparing new management mechanisms, 2022 has devoted itself to the unique importance of economic recovery. Orientation strongly expressed by the revitalization of numerous business councils in a relatively short period of time with major partners such as China, South Korea, Germany, France and Italy and the signing of treaties and memorandums, and various areas. Especially in the fields of hydrocarbons and energy, as much as the opportunities for co-production that may be realized in industry, agriculture and tourism. Global economic conditions appear favorable for the redistribution of cards that could push Algeria out of the Red Zone through the ongoing oil boom, but Algeria set the course for non-hydrocarbon zones in 2023. With $ 7 billion in non-hydrocarbon exports, it will enable us to reach our goals in the short term and in the long term with the emergence of industries that could impact GDP by 15%. The developments made to the African market were subsequently explained by the Strike Force, which provides information on significant changes made in terms of governance and management, which are presence, visibility and commercial. And its importance in Niger, Nigeria, Mauritania and Tanzania, to name just a few of the things that have brought about economic presence. However, Algeria’s head of state, minister, and senior foreign civil servant’s ball have been encouraged by observations of new procedures, measures, and executive rules that have contributed to a clearer image and greater transparency to the business. It is also important to do. Investment environment.
The promotions and reductions implemented are working to convince and attract large amounts of FDI to ensure that Algeria and its partners are beginning a new economic era.
In short, this new enthusiasm for destination Algeria as a credible economic partner can only confirm the efficiency of the economic direction adopted by the state and may challenge to participate in the effects of diversification. Provides information about. To the emergence of an economy based on the strength of domestic production and expansion overseas.