L’Expression: Nationale-Startups at the heart of economic recovery


The government wants to succeed in linking the scientific and operational aspects of start-ups …

Intervening at key times of economic recovery, start-up development is in the process of becoming an integral link between new paradigms and economic models.
Supported by the support and unwavering will of public institutions, the successful integration of the knowledge economy into the key actions of the promotion of emerging nations and the widespread reforms implemented by the nations will bring new public policies to the needs of society and large corporations. An ecosystem that facilitates the emergence and development of innovative projects that meet.
In response, the organizers of the “Algeria Startup Challenge” (ASC) program, in this case the “Leancubator” incubator, announced the release of the fourth edition on Monday. This fourth edition is the Prime Minister in charge of the knowledge economy and start-up companies, the Ministry of Industry, the Ministry of Fisheries and Fish Production, and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.
Sectors in need of innovative solutions to improve production, regulate markets, organize different sectors, optimize yields, and contribute to the emergence of sustainable development and productivity-based economies.
A central direction was advocated to break out of the old form of governance and bring about major changes in the country’s overall economic direction. With this in mind, the government is working to introduce the tools and tools needed to successfully connect the scientific and operational aspects of start-ups, with strategic sectors such as industry, agriculture and tourism. Development and resumption are essential.
An obligatory passage that claims to fill the delays and gaps caused by decades of improper management and incompetence, and this is due to the technological contributions and innovations conveyed through these approaches. To the best of our ability, we will correct past misguided economic directions and lay the scientific foundation for economic revitalization to meet the challenges of time.
In this sense, all actions taken by public institutions, such as the recent establishment of science and technology by the National Research Council, are aimed at coordinating efforts and promoting progress in this area. Is enough.
However, hosting such an event is more than an effective means of exchanging concepts and revealing obstacles that hinder ideas and project leaders, creating balance sheets and learning lessons. can do. Keep pace of progress. In this regard, it must be said that in the field of innovation, it is necessary to reach the cruising speed and stability of the outcome.
In detail, this new edition is organized in the form of professional challenges such as the Foodtech Startup Challenge, Fintech Startup Challenge, and HealthTech Startup Challenge, with the theme of startups and innovations of Agrotech, Agritech, and Aquatech, respectively. Innovation with food security, fintech, insurance tech and legal tech start-ups. The theme is “Innovation to Serve the Financial Sector” and is a player in the health and pharmaceutical industries.