Legislation 2022: According to Eric DuPont Moretti, “Merenchon’s economic program is bankrupt.”


Eric DuPont Moretti will support the majority of candidates for the legislative election in Toulouse this Wednesday. Seal Keepers will be held Thursday at Lot and Aveyron with Candidate Together. He interviewed La Dépêc du Midi. Opportunity to fire a red ball in the Nupe program.

Are there any concerns for the majority after this first round?
The optimism of election issues has been demobilized. But so is pessimism. I would like to remind you that the president has been successfully reelected. We are the only ones re-elected outside the cohabitation under the Fifth Republic, and we are the only ones who can win the majority.
The pension reform project seems to be straining some voters.
The question is simple. Would you like to continue this system so that your children can benefit from a decent retirement? We need to continue the system that leads to the dismantling of solidarity that we should be proud of. But it is consultation to talk about this reform. Opposite of non-constructive and systematic criticism.
Did he lack a majority leader during this campaign? Elizabeth Borne was criticized for not taking control of her.
These are meaningless disputes. There is collective mobilization. The prime minister has been invested in her constituency and at the same time leads the government. The roadmap is ready.
Jean-Luc Mélenchon is campaigning under the slogan “Electme ​​Prime Minister”. »Is this a good strategy?
It’s still extraordinary. You lose the presidential election by finishing in 3rd place. What miracle can he become prime minister? He didn’t even run for the legislative election. La Nupes has taken over the left edge of the Republican and Democratic left. This couldn’t escape from Mr. Delga. In reality, LFI devours the entire left and wants to break it apart. Mr. Melenchon’s economic plan is bankruptcy at the end of the road. Its international program is the axis of Bolivarianism. He praises many dictators such as Cuba, Venezuela and Russia. On the security front, I remember being convicted of violence against police and prosecutors. He believes the police are barbarians and recently he was killed by the police. This is a kind of license given to children to insult or attack the police. It’s a moral and Republican bankruptcy project. It is complete nihilism and constant criticism.

Not good on the RN side. They were shining only in their absence in parliament. When Bardella asked me to remove the automatic sentence reduction, I placed it. They didn’t vote for it because they weren’t there. The same is true for minor criminal justice. I also spent hundreds of hours acquiring land to set up a prison. There is no municipality managed by RN who provided us with the land. They also opposed it.


Eric DuPont Moretti, during his last visit to Toulouse.

Eric DuPont Moretti, during his last visit to Toulouse.
DDM-Valentine Chapui

Nupes makes strong proposals on social issues such as Smic and pensions. What do you think ?

M. Melenchon blinks is a one-armed bandit. But when he’s been in front for a long time, an empty pocket comes out. How do you want to raise wages and reduce working hours without inevitably raising taxes? It spends $ 250 billion annually. On the contrary, I remember the president’s record. Today, France is the country most invested by foreigners, but Germany has long been ahead of us. Youth unemployment is lower than ever, and youth unemployment is never higher. Inflation is 5%, but it’s virtually doubled everywhere in Europe.
In the second round, there will be a duel of RN-Nupes. Do you want to send two labels in succession?

I spoke on Sunday night. You should not vote for the National Rally. But I distinguish between LFI and the democratic left of government. My northern member, Maubeuge, has an RN and a diverse left wing. My vote goes to a variety of left candidates. You can work with the Republican and Democratic Left, not the LFI.
If you have a relatively large majority, do you agree with the merger with LR?

You see, let’s wait until Sunday night before making these assumptions. The French can choose between progress, republic, Europe and feasible projects rather than complete obstruction.
There is a new accusation from a woman against Damian Abbado. What do you think about this incident?

I believe the presumption of innocence is not an anecdote. Under the rule of law, it is not up to the press, political parties, or anyone else to judge a case before it is judged by justice. If it is confiscated, let justice do the job. Justice does not appear in the media, it is done in court.