Isabelle Michalak (Corsair): “Participating in economic dynamism by supporting local employment”

The person who makes the decision. Corsair Gaming announced that it will be conducting large-scale recruitment in the West Indies in 2022 and 2023. What is your policy regarding recruitment of flight attendants?

Isabel Miharak.. Corsair has been in France abroad for over 30 years and its ambition is to be involved in the economic dynamism of the overseas territories. Of course, this is backed by an important theme, local employment. Therefore, we plan to hire 120 commercial flight personnel (hostess and steward) in Guadeloupe, Martinique and Reunion. There are two purposes. To strengthen the roots to the flagship destination and to support the renewal of the fleet. The number of our planes is increasing and we need to recruit personnel to secure enough crew for these planes.

Are you properly training to become a flight attendant when you hire?

The project was launched in the West Indies in June 2021 and has recruited young owners of the CCA (Cabine Crew Certificate), thanks to Paul Amplois, AKTO, the Regional Council and Medef. For those under the age of 30, we offer a work study program with 320 hours of training. 120 hours are spent on OCC training specific to each company and are approved by removal tests as required by DGAC. To date, we have integrated 13 young people into Fort-de-France and 13 young people into Pointe-Apitre. And they were released during the flight last December. It is important to specify that this training will take place in Paris for 6 months so that the crew can get to know each other. Corsair has 550 flight attendants and 150 pilots. During the six months of training, young new hires fly to all Corsair destinations, return to base, and depart only from the island to the big cities. So it was very important for them to get to know each other.

What actions have you taken to support youth employment?

“We have the ambition to be a development player in the West Indies.”

With the support of Martinique’s local government, young people from overseas territories have formed a partnership with CIOM (Association du Center deFormation d’Apprentis Ciel Outre-Mer), a newly established organization in Martinique. CIOM is a training center for apprentices in the aviation industry, founded in October 2021 under the leadership of Marie Claude Valide, a former captain and historic element of the aviation industry in the French West Indies. This first training center on Martinique has its headquarters and laboratory in the airport area of ​​Aimé Césaire Airport in Le Lamentan, providing the first training to the cabin crew (PNC), followed by line and aircraft mechanics. Later, CIOM hopes to duplicate the proposal in other regions such as Guadeloupe, Guyana, Reunion, Mayotte, New Caledonia, French Polynesia, Saint-Balthermy, Saint-Martin, Saint-Pierre Emikeron and Wallis and Futuna. .. This process of hiring teams in the West Indies is essential to us and reinforces our ambition to be a player in the development of these regions. We are proud to be able to work with CIOM on this project and rely on their expertise and knowledge. We are eager and pleased to welcome new talent in our company. This is a source of enriching our culture and improving the quality of our relationships with our customers.

Interview with Anne-Laure Blouet Patin