Is the insurance sector mobilized?


This is a message that recently caught our attention. Internet users who accepted Ukrainian couples were looking for car insurance to allow them to travel legally. The Federation of Insurance Companies has recently taken several steps to facilitate the acceptance of refugees who have opted for asylum in France. On their side, the bancassurances that exist in Russia have chosen to give up their activities.

Over 4 million refugees have left Ukraine

According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), the number of Ukrainians leaving the country after February 24 (Russia’s invasion day) is 4 million At the end of March. These are mainly women and children.

More than half of these refugees have found temporary asylum in Poland. 2.3 million people. Other major host countries also border Ukraine. Romania has accepted more than 600,000 refugees, Moldova and Hungary have nearly 400,000, and Slovakia has 300,000.

In comparison, the acceptance of Ukrainian citizens in the western countries remains limited so far. In France, 26,000 refugees have crossed the French border, also according to counts from the end of March.By that day, about one-third (10,500 people) Temporary residence permit Under the temporary protection provided by the EU to Ukrainians fleeing the war.

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Insurance provided by a French insurance company

However, for these asylum seekers, most of whom left the country by car, administrative restrictions were imposed on their arrival in France. It is an insurance obligation for the vehicle.To alleviate this problem, French insurance companies (excluding FFA) said last week that people benefiting from temporary EU protection Insured for free for civil liability.

The insurance policy can be obtained directly from customs, is valid for one month until June 30, 2022, and can be renewed once.Florence Lustman, President of the French Guarantor “Contribute to [l’] Reception in France [des réfugiés] In the best possible condition. »»

Similarly, as of March, French guarantors were planning a system for Ukrainians evacuated to French homes. Until the end of the year “host family” You can benefit from civil liability and extended defense reimbursement guarantees to refugees housed under their roofs (as if relatives were added to the MRH contract).

Withdrawal from Russia

More recently, there have been other announcements demonstrating the mobilization of sectors in favor of the Ukrainian people. Societe Generale This week we announced that we will suspend banking and insurance operations in Russia.

The Russian subsidiary Rosbank (using the same famous black and red logo as Societe Generale) and the insurance company will be sold to Interros Capital, an oligarch holding company close to Vladimirputin, which was already a major shareholder. Of the banks before the arrival of the French group in 2006.

Not long ago, two other French Bancassurances also chose to leave the Russian ship. Agricultural credit When BNP ParibasThey are aware of the financial and image risks they are exposed to.

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