Is the business world in the process of feminization in Renne? -Who is the woman in power in Rennes?

Multi-hat entrepreneur

Marie Lore Collet is the president of Apec.
Marie Lore Colette is the president of Apec in Rennes. (Lionel Le Saux / Monthly of Rennes)

Women who weigh are an exception in Breton’s business world. Among the few elected, Marie Lore Colette, a patriot of a personnel consulting firm, is prominent. This list of organizations on which the head hunter sits proves a vast network. Vice President of Medef Bretagne, a member of the board of directors of the regional economic development agency BDI involved in Brittany’s product labels, Breton representative of the Federal Syntec employer … and now executive hiring since her election on December 14th. National President of the Association (Apec). it’s simple. Marie Lore Collet is everywhere.

At first, he was fascinated by music, and finally he turned to management and joined Rennes’ IAE. First job in the marketing and merchandising department of Fnac in Paris. After detouring the southwestern part, he was hired by a recruiting company in Rennes. In the early 2000s, when her company was liquidated, she launched her own company, Abaka. Over the last 20 years, the company has just developed in Brittany and has just approached a major group of recruitment departments. In the newspaper Les Échos, she confessed in February 2019: “If you have to start over, it’s almost the same,” she said.

Renne’s Digital Face

Photo Vincent Michel / Rumens Elderenne.Rennes (35): Gwenaelle QUENAON-HERVE, President of Poole, an association serving Ille-et-Villene start-ups and innovative technology companies
Gwenaëlle Quenaon-Hervé is the president of Poole, a startup accelerator in Rennes (Vincent Michel / Le Mensuel de Rennes).

He is little known to the general public, but is well known by Rennes’ startups. Since September 2020, Gwenaëlle Quenaon-Hervé has chaired Poole, the accelerator for young shoots in Breton’s capital. Co-founded in Rennes in 1999, this form of recognition in the 40s, OuestJob became RegionsJob, then HelloWork, and is today the number one private employment site in France. She stayed there for over 15 years and then decided to quit her booming business. “Paradoxically, I was starting to get bored while society was very successful. She confided to Le Mensuel in November 2020. After she departed, this Brest Native was with her family in the world. Traveled through and founded a consulting firm for innovative projects. Leader. Her service record wasn’t the only one. In September 2020, entrepreneurs joined Renne’s communications agency Rivacom (Telegram Group). Joined her and let her manage a new department specializing in branded content. Just a year later, GQH was appointed general manager of this major company in Great West.

Trader’s voice

Interview with optician Lawrence Tale Randy-Renne (35)
Lawrence Talelandier is the chairman of the Merchant Association, Carre Rennes. (David Brunet / The Monthly of Rennes)

On October 14, 2021, Rennes’ business community called the media. In his view, municipal automotive policies at risk of penalizing businesses. Employers in Breton’s capital are lined up in rows of onions on the platform. In this somewhat customary setting, you can’t miss Lawrence Talelandier’s colorful glasses. He has been an optician for over 30 years and is the chairman of the Carré Rennes Shopping Association. In local debates, the voice bears the weight of 400 members. They all operate in the city center of Rennes, Brittany’s main commercial center. Local government subsidized structures, verbal weapons are still elaborate. Lawrence Talelandier, elected in October 2019, took over from Charles Compagnon, who left to compete for the mayor’s post.

She herself attempted to break into the city hall. In the 2014 local elections, she joined forces with Bruno Shavana. Bruno Shavana announced her as an assistant in her trade during her victory. She missed. Centre-right candidates won 44% of the votes for Natalie Apere, the prestigious score of the Socialist Fortress. But it’s not enough to send the 24th Laurence Taillandier on the list in the opposite direction.

Unfortunately, his dedication to Carre Rennes allows him to participate in city life in other ways. “I love my city. I know every corner of the city,” she says. I would like to continue to prosper in the future, so I am concerned about the drastic attitude of the municipalities toward cars. In January, she protested the planned removal of the Bilein parking lot near Republique. The 250 parking spaces are forgotten, though useful for shop customers and liberal professions in the district, but she regrets.

From time to time, eyewear activity extends beyond the boundaries of the city. In December, Bercy asked him to lead several government-sponsored Assies ducommerce workshops to hear complaints and suggestions from this sector. Ten years ago, she worked with senior civil servant Martin Hirsch to help launch the “Glasses Pass” for moderately-income retirees.

Laurence Taillandier is also a well-known name for the locals. She is the third generation optician in her family and she settled in Rennes for 100 years this year. At the end of the 1980s, a store on the corner of Lafayette Street was put under his control. Today she will leave nothing in the world, but her age will allow her to retire: “I’m not ready to hand over, I’m very fine in my store” ..

Work, laboratory, eco

Sophie Langouët-Prigent is Vice President of the Rennes 1 Foundation.
Sophie Langouët-Prigent is Vice President of the Rennes 1 Foundation. (MatthieuLe Gall)

As a researcher, Sophie Langouët-Prigent and her team are tracking contaminants that can cause liver cancer. However, scientists also co-supervise the Rennes 1 Foundation, which is fully funded by donations from patrons. The goal is to make the university a major socio-economic player in Brittany. Since 2010, the Foundation’s Vice-President, Director of Inserm Research, and her own donor, Sophie Langouët-Prigent, is also the Vice-President responsible for corporate partnerships and relationships with the President of the University of Rennes 1. It was born in 2008. It was a promise made by Guy Caterineau, who was a candidate for president at the time. In his campaign team, a particular Sophie Langue-Priment. Toxologists see it as a way to open the university to the business world. After the election of Guy Catrinault, she became Vice President of the Foundation, in addition to her work in the lab. Specifically, this structure allows corporate sponsors to benefit from the innovations created by Rennes 1 Labs, a good way to drive innovation and R & D. It is also an opportunity to recruit new talent among students.

From private to public Véronique Rousseau

Véronique Rousseau is the general manager of Destination Rennes.
Véronique Rousseau is the general manager of Destination Rennes (David Ferriere).

Its mission is to ensure the promotion of tourism and the economy of Rennes. On January 5, Véronique Rousseau became general manager of the local public enterprise Destination Rennes. Veronique Rousseau, who holds an Executive MBA from the University of Quebec (Ucam) in Montreal, has a brilliant career in the Yves Rocher Group. Symbolically, she can be said to have crossed the street for her new job. Her former employer’s Rennes office is opposite the temporary facility at the destination Rennes in the station district. For several years at Yves Rocher, Veronique Rousseau worked in the remote sales department. She was also the director of commercial communications. Since 2014 she has led the marketing department. Her expertise that it would now put in territorial service.

At the destination Rennes, Veronique Rousseau is a leader of 83 employees and about 15 tour guides. It also manages the Jacobin Monastery, a 14th-century monument that serves as a tourist information center and event venue. Leaving the icing on the cake, the building, the ex-Montrealer only has to cross one street to taste one of the best poutines in Rennes.