Is school insurance required for children?

The school requires parents to submit their child’s school insurance policy at the beginning of each school year. A decision that parents perform without any testimony and show an almost obligatory personality.

Child Liability Insurance: What Do You Need to Know?

Still, school insurance is also a very lucrative business, and insurance groups rub their hands on every return. Like Black Friday, the start of the September school year is a significant financial loss for insurance companies. Financing is impressive as there are millions of members at the beginning of the school year.

Therefore, playing with ambiguity is a way to secure an impressive income from the first day of school. Although recommended, school insurance itself is not mandatory. Now let’s look back a bit at the compulsory nature of the school environment.

Bring your child civil liability: obligatory grounds

You certainly have a multi-risk home or car contract with your bank. As part of the housing, the clause usually provides the entire framework of civil liability for your child. Indeed, it covers all members of the household under a normal contract.

Therefore, make sure that at the center of the certificate is a well-defined legal framework that encourages children. If you ask your insurance company to provide you with a certificate on the day requested by the school, you can receive the certificate by email at the beginning of each new school year without asking.

The civil liability at the heart of this contract covers your child during all school hours. In other words, the course period and activities organized by the facility (going out to the gymnasium, pool, etc.).

On the other hand, cafeteria and CLAE time (school-related leisure centers) are not included in the scope of civil liability. Therefore, it is the coverage of these activities that requires insurance with so-called extracurricular options.

Extracurricular insurance: essential to insure all activities within the school framework

Therefore, so-called out-of-school insurance provides all the guarantees that help with school insurance and its additions. Without this certificate, your child will not be able to go out scheduled outside of class hours.

In this case, we are thinking of cultural outings such as museums, or other interesting places that are unique in a particular city, such as the Futuroscope of Poitiers, the Cité de l’Espas in Toulouse, or a visit to the monuments of Paris.

Finally, insurance companies that specialize in school education, such as MAE, offer a “personal injury guarantee” system. This device goes a step further, in this case covering the child in case of injury and accident.

Therefore, this is an additional guarantee that the principal of the school is very sensitive and strongly recommends. In fact, the annual payment per child varies by about 40 euros, which is the best guarantee for the child, including extracurricular insurance. Therefore, to be assured, we recommend that you sign a contract that includes these terms.

Due to increasing instability in France, parents with several children in school do not yet have the means to cover these costs at the beginning of the school year. Nevertheless, you should prioritize sleeping more peacefully.

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