Is it possible with insurance?


100% refund of veterinary expenses: Is this possible with insurance?

They are almost 80 million in France. There is one in a quarter of French households. Their global market is worth 5 billion euros annually and 100 billion euros worldwide. Pets never stop pleasing French homes, and even more so every year.

However, they come with a budget that must be generous given all the expected costs. Among them, and at least that of veterinary care. Animal health insurance provides their support to ensure that owners absolutely avoid the non-use of compulsory care. what is that ? Is it a total and under what conditions can it be? explanation.

Benefits of animal health insurance

The benefits of taking out animal health insurance can be summarized as “quietness”. Indeed, it brings the comfort of not having to worry about the bill by pushing the vet door. If you know the average price of the various treatments given, it is estimated to be 100-300 euros per year. This varies from clinic to clinic and region, but you can change your mind with a small budget.


  • Vaccination: 150 euros, then 70 euros per booster shot,
  • ID: € 60,
  • Sterilization: 150-300 €,
  • Castration: 150-200 €,
  • Control visit: 50 €,
  • Scale removal: € 80,
  • Blood test: 80 €,
  • X-ray: € 60,
  • Scanner: 400 € etc.

Veterinary costs have increased by 70% over a decade and are constantly changing. However, French people are increasingly consulting with their doctors about simple control visits, specific diets, and behavioral disorders. However, only 5% have animal health insurance.

Health insurance generally covers vaccination reminders, parasite control, preventive care actions such as deworming, post-accident care actions (consultation, medication, surgery), and finally a health checkup (ultrasound, scanner). , X-ray, MRI, analysis, hospitalization). A more complete prescription may be able to integrate first-year prophylaxis (sterilization, castration, identification), dental care, care, protection, and even animal euthanasia management.

Can I get a 100% refund of veterinary expenses with animal insurance?

To put an end to the suspense around (considering everything, we were far from Hitchcock), yes, it is possible to reimburse 100% veterinary expenses, but certain insurance society. We will explain everything to you!

Fees, deductions, redemption limits: Pay attention to the terms of compensation!

Animal health insurance, in particular, is a relatively recent sector, still somewhat vulnerable in France, and contracts are not integrated into the insurance code, making it suitable for attracting customers by any means. We try to make each stand out, but unfortunately there can be a world between display and support. Three elements need to systematically constitute care and combine them to study.

  • Compensation rate : From basic to optimal, from 50 to the famous 100%.
  • Indemnity limit : Starting from € 500 per year and can go up from € 2,500 to € 3,000 depending on the formula chosen.
  • Franchise : Applies to all or part of care and can be up to 25 or 30% of the costs incurred.

As you know, insurers can offer “100% compensation” as the coverage is up to 100%, but it is either within the annual limit or an exorbitant deduction in a systematic application. The amount applies. Therefore, it is the first good reflex to take before subscribing. We will collaborate and thoroughly study at least these three factors that directly affect coverage.

100% coverage, yes, but what precautions do you need?

A new element to watch out for when “100% cover” seems attractive, this is a list of treatments involved. It is very rare to find an offer that covers 100% of all veterinary care, not to mention utopia. First, because certain warranty exclusions are systematic, while other warranty exclusions depend on the formula chosen and are in some cases complemented by preventative packages.

The following processing is systematically excluded from the warranty.

  • Hereditary, congenital or chronic disease,
  • Cosmetic surgery for the personal convenience of the master,
  • Treatment given without indication of treatment,
  • Taking care of the animal that caused the hunting accident,
  • Care or prescribed treatment given to treat unvaccinated illnesses (eg rabies, rhinitis, typhus) due to enrollment obligations.

These include illnesses and accidents that occurred before the subscription, and care that occurred during the waiting period.

Case by case depending on animal health

This is the last warning point regarding the insurer’s “100% covered” label. For your animal. All will be reviewed: animal age, health, breed, gender, known medical conditions at the time of subscription. Remember that animal insurance is not complementary health. Insurance companies are careful not to take significant risks from the moment of contracting with animals that already show a health condition that they tend to take care of in the near future.

Also, some animals are not covered by the warranty:

  • Animals under 1 year old : The first year focuses on a series of preventive care involving vaccination and its reminders, identification, sterilization, anthelmintic and more. ;
  • Aged and aged animals : Insurers refuse to insure animals for more than 8 to 10 years, depending on the category, as they can be prone to medical conditions.
  • Category 1 and 2 dogs : Defined as dangerous and can increase risk and is usually excluded from insurance policies.
  • NAC other than those in pet stores : The NAC (New Pets) category includes dozens of animals, most of which are not pets. Others are at increased risk of developing illness or medical condition, away from the natural environment and normal climate.

However, some insurance companies agree to insure them, but you need to be ready to pay. If you need to count € 15-80 per month for animal insurance, depending on the prescription you choose, you can insure the animals mentioned above with additional options.

  • additional fee 10-15% of monthly donations,
  • Preventive packageIncluding warranty exclusions, in some cases more, usually starting at € 100 and in some cases exceeding.

How can you be sure that you will benefit from optimal support?

It depends on the health of the animal, living environment, environment, age, breed, etc. It may be wise to make sure that veterinary care is fully taken care of. Three tips to do this:

  • Choose the best formula : Only the most complete formula can guarantee the most attractive redemption. If your budget can double this amount, the ideal is to complete the contract with a preventative package that covers almost all care.
  • Use an online comparator : They can offer you a selection of offers from several insurance companies that meet your criteria, without the obligation of commitment. The use of online comparators is free, fast and efficient, and you can do all this at home.
  • Study citations : The proposed choice of comparator points out important factors to be investigated, especially well-known deductions, redemption limits, warranty exclusions, waiting periods, subscriptions and termination conditions.

With the UK model, where veterinary clinic chains have won more than half of the market and are pushing up veterinary care prices, there is no doubt that animal health insurance coverage will skyrocket. In fact, animal insurance premiums can follow these rises. Therefore, it is probably talented to get insurance without waiting too long to guarantee almost 100% coverage of care.