“Investment facilitates the transition to a more sustainable green economy.”

“Investments, especially long-term investments, facilitate the transition to a more sustainable green economy and enhance the capacity of the economy. Climate change trends mobilize more investment in low-carbon energy over the long term. The need to do so becomes even more important, “in the efficient and rational use of resources,” stressed Mrs. Fetta Alawi, who spoke at the beginning of the conference initiated by the Solar Cluster.

These investments are essential to achieving the goal of limiting global warming, the minister said at the conference, “Accelerating the development of Morocco’s green tech sector and businesses: post-covid green socio-economics. The theme was “Recovery and Sustainable Opportunities.”

In order to fund these investments, public and private stakeholders must have access to appropriate and sustainable financing, she emphasizes, and the economy that makes such financing available. The ability of the financial sector is “capacity of the financial sector to enable investors to effectively utilize the savings of economic agents in an effective and efficient way.”

She added that this provision can be done indirectly through banks, insurance companies, pension funds, or directly through capital markets.

On his side, Younes Sekkouri, Minister of Economic Inclusion, SMEs, Employment and Skills, emphasized the importance and economic potential of Morocco’s Green Tech sector.

The minister said support, development and acceleration of high-tech and start-ups will be a means to develop skills in various areas such as recycling, readjustment and the circular economy.

The ambition is to enrich current outcomes with an efficient ecosystem around all these sectors and their professions, which will consist of qualified personnel and professionals in these professions. He continued.

“The convergence of the vision is the first step in accelerating the development of the Moroccan sector and green tech companies, which will lead to investment opportunities and post-Covid socio-economic relations,” Sekkouri said.

Morocco has “real assets” to create green hydrogen, especially new development areas and opportunities, said Mustafa Baccouri, president of Solar Cluster.

This requires improvement of the economic equation for the production of green hydrogen and the commitment of everyone. Therefore, it is a matter of “thinking about the best logical paths of logistics and storage and imagining the best legislative and regulatory systems to enable the best development of opportunities that occur,” Bakkoury points out. Did.

The event, co-sponsored by IFC (International Finance Corporation-International Finance Corporation), with the support of the Drosos Foundation, raises awareness among institutions, especially on the importance of the clean technology sector, and presents its potential for development. The purpose is to do. Sector. International programs and initiatives to support Morocco’s green technology and industry. The conference, held in hybrid mode, attracted nearly 200 people face-to-face and more than 500 people in remote areas. Public and private sector personalities, as well as experts and corporate representatives from the green economy sector participated.