Investing in economic uncertainty


Michelle Dugal. Source: LinkedIn


Michelle Dugal. Source: LinkedIn

After years of continuous growth, the world market is brewing something like the worst.

Inflation rate surges three times the central bank’s target (historic spikes of 6.7% and 6.8% in March and April), some significant interest rate hikes, wars in Europe with detrimental consequences, stocks Extreme fluctuations in market value And supply problems inherited from pandemic …


All of these factors predict economic slowdowns, as well as stagflation (a period of economic stagnation combined with high inflation) or a recession over the next few years, according to experts.

Obviously, there is reason to be afraid of its financial assets when the World Bank itself has lowered its 2022 growth forecast, down from 4.1% to 2.9%.

“This is even more true for Quebec lawyers who know their prosperous years and retire at around 72 or 73 on average, which can sometimes produce impressive nest eggs. “Says Michel Dugal, a lawyer’s adviser. ‘Finance.

The specialist fully understands the sensation of panic that clients in his organization feel. In particular, clients with assets over $ 1 million said: Watch their wealth plummet to -9.71%. Record speeds can eliminate years of savings. »»

In response to the demands of these wealthy clients overwhelmed by the event, Financial sought ways to counter this financial uncertainty. And she found it in the fall of 2021 by partnering with a private management company, Fiera Capital.



Alternative Investment: Unknown but Effective Solution

Fiera Capital is a leading independent investment management company. With more than 250 professionals in North America, Europe and Asia, as of December 31, 2021, it is one of the largest independent asset management companies in the country, managing approximately $ 188.3 billion in assets.

This economic weight allows Fiera Capital to offer clients a wide range of personalized multi-asset solutions and take a more sophisticated investment approach than banks. The only problem: These so-called alternative investments are usually reserved for large institutions such as La Caissede Dépôt and Teachers, which are pension funds for teachers in Ontario.

“That’s why La Financière has changed,” says Dugal. The competitive yields secured for these groups are no longer protected. Currently available to clients with assets over $ 1 million. A real revolution! »»

Why are these alternative investments so interesting? “They do not correlate with stock market indices, so advisors respond. This makes them more predictable and less susceptible to volatility. They are private loans, infrastructure (Shang). It is effectively categorized into six specific vibrant sectors: commercial real estate, global agriculture, private placement of unlisted companies on the stock exchange, and finally private placement of bread (such as Plan Bridge). The hidden Asian market.

As Dugal summarized, “Our clients can rest assured. They continue to build wealth while benefiting from the best possible risk management.”



Discretionary management for lawyers

Lawyers who are members of Lawyers Financial do not need to move heaven and earth to take advantage of this opportunity. They can ask Quebec advisors Michel Dugal and Natalie Martell to contact the manager of Fiera Capital.

“We remain in the file and attend meetings held with the compulsory Fiera people, but they determine a personalized investment strategy for our clients, because they are. We are truly an alternative investment expert and 100% in this area, “says Dugal, who hopes that little is known about this new investment solution. She has been as successful as she deserves.