International Conference to Promote Vietnam’s Green Economic Recovery | Politics

Illustration photo: VNA

Hanoi (VNA)-On February 25, the Government of Vietnam and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) will co-sponsor an international conference on promoting a green and comprehensive economic recovery and international lessons on this issue.

The event will bring together global leaders and researchers to share their experiences with policy, financial and institutional changes for a green, clean and comprehensive economic recovery from COVID-19.

Bystander at the meeting, Vietnam’s UNDP representative, Caitlin Wiesen, discussed the content of the event with the media.

International conference to promote Vietnam's green economic recovery hinhanh 2Vietnam’s UNDP representative, Caitlin Wiesen. Photo: VNA

According to her, Vietnam is in a critical period as it seeks to recover from COVID-19 with the aim of creating growth, creating jobs and being sustainable and inclusive.

Vietnam faces three pressing strategic challenges.

First, address the environmental impact of growth by moving to a resilient and productive economic model focused on the restoration of nature and the efficient use of resources in a carbon-neutral circular economy. ..

Second: Coordinate legal frameworks, protect the rights of vulnerable groups, provide equitable access to basic services and financial opportunities, leave no one behind, and minimize inequality. Comprehensive growth and sustainability, including reducing multifaceted poverty and vulnerability. Build a fair society for all.

Third: With industry-related innovations, including the majority of SMEs, as the key to prioritizing more sustainable and responsible investment, creating low-carbon production systems and market niches, and increasing productivity and revenue growth. Promote export competitiveness, including advocating for Skill 4.0. Access the right source of long-term funding.

Working on the efforts needed in a variety of disciplines and themes, this conference brings together global and national development practitioners to share hands-on experience with policy and institutional changes in difficult global situations.

UNDP is pleased to work with the Government of Vietnam to host this international conference, bringing together leaders and scholars from around the world to share the experiences of different countries.

UNDP representatives said that the conference will feature policy makers and other stakeholders on the recovery of the green economy, economic recovery after COVID-19, climate change measures, circular economy, predictive and comprehensive governance, green. He emphasized providing a platform for sharing finance visions, knowledge and best practices. And investment.

The conference will include Vietnam’s green restoration and resilience, strengthening the government’s role in accelerating the transition to renewable energy and the circular economy, promoting and preparing for innovation in line with Vietnam’s ambitious commitment at COP26. Addresses the current basic development issues facing. Promote sustainable rebounds through the workforce for future jobs and trade, investment and innovation.

The one-day meeting features three sessions with a keynote and debate, she said, adding that UNDP administrator Achim Steiner will give a keynote speech at the meeting with the Deputy Prime Minister. 2001 Nobel Prize in Economics) and some other personalities and researchers from different countries such as India, Indonesia, South Korea, Singapore …-VNA