Insurance: Why can a green card disappear from our car?

(Credit: © Gilles

(Credit: © Gilles

After 75 years of good and loyal service, the green card can go well and really disappear. In any case, this is what the Insurance Company Federation is proposing for several reasons.

The green card, created 75 years ago, is used in all vehicles. This valuable document allows police to confirm that the car is actually insured. This is a legal obligation imposed on all drivers. However, according to the MoneyVox news site, this document may disappear in the next few years. This proposal is upheld by the Federation of Insurance Companies because of its many benefits: simpler, more ecology, less fraud … the point.

Is the green sticker effective against car insurance defaults?

With the addition of a green sticker that appeared 75 years ago and was affixed to the windshield 40 years ago, the green sticker could disappear from the insurance industry within a few years. However, the role of this document is especially important. Police can confirm that the vehicle and driver are normal and have valid car insurance. This is because the annual green sticker issued by the insurance company is not updated in real time. If the insurance company or the insured cancels that year, the paper document will appear to be valid, but it is not.

It is this discrepancy that is a problem for insurance companies, and the ease with which this type of document can be tampered with allows some drivers to drive without car insurance. However, this breach is fined € 3,750 by law and may result in suspension or cancellation of the license and confiscation of the vehicle. According to figures reported in 2018 by the National Observatory for Road Safety, the fact remains that about 750,000 drivers in France are driving without insurance.

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Insured vehicle files to rescue

The Insured Vehicle File (FVA) was created in 2016 with the aim of checking the validity of insurance policies in (nearly) real time. Therefore, from 2019 onwards, police will be able to look up information using the verified vehicle registration number. Insurers have a period of up to 72 hours to add changes made to contracts such as subscriptions, changes, and terminations, so the data contained therein is updated very often.

To ensure more effective management and combat fraud, the Insurance Federation recommends the use of this valuable tool, the FVA. Therefore, during a roadside check, police will check this computer file directly, rather than checking the paper sticker or green badge on the driver’s windshield. They can already do this on a case-by-case basis, but this type of control takes much longer than a glance at a green butterfly, so it has a significant drawback.

Other legitimate reasons to abolish green stickers

In addition to increasing the safety of all road users, the edge of the green sticker has other benefits. Drivers no longer have to remember to change stickers every year at the risk of forgetting the stickers and only noticing them during police checks. By deleting and sending this paper document, the profit will also be ecology. This is because it will be 50 million green cards that will not need to be sent to all policyholders of the French car fleet each year. The cost of these shipments is estimated at € 300 for 1,000 stickers, which is enough to save the insurance company money. They can choose to pass them on to the customer’s car insurance donations.