Insurance: MMA won the 2022 Qualiweb trophy for the best online customer relationships

MMA Customer Service ranked first in online customer relations in the insurance category for the sixth consecutive year.

MMA wins 2022 Qualiweb trophy

The Qualiweb barometer, the best customer relationship player, is established annually from emails and mystery posts sent to a panel of 220 companies covering 16 active sectors.

95.4 / 100: mma got the highest score among the 220 brands tested at the end of 2021. This score, obtained by MMA, assesses the quality of reception on the three online communication channels, as well as the deadline, relevance, and format of the response. : Messaging, email, social networks. This evaluation simply rewards MMA’s ability to handle all requests through the actual support process on all digital channels. Empathy, Listening, Optimistic: These three values ​​of the MMA Customer Service Team have once again made a difference with the Cocédal Conseil Marketing Research Institute, the organizer of the Qualiweb trophy.

“” The quality of our customer relationships is one of MMA’s strengths today. We are fully mobilized to provide our customers with a simple, efficient and personalized experience. This is true for both remote and distributors. We deeply believe in the value of relationships as the key to customer satisfaction. Therefore, we are particularly proud to receive these two trophies that reward true business dynamics centered on team commitment and customer relationships. »Declares Éric Lécuyer, Managing Director of MMA.

MMA team working on quality customer service

Twenty MMA customer service and claims staff have been working daily for over a decade to support and guide the efforts of policyholders with difficulty. These teams are always trying to put people and honesty at the center of their interaction. Since 2019, service activity on social networks has increased by 125% (1), and during the health crisis, teams maintain close links, ideal for individual policyholders as well as professionals. We were able to maintain close links and personalize our responses to provide advice. A clear, simple and quick answer.

MMA Customer Service Communication Channel Trends

In 2021, a total of over 105,000 requests were investigated via various MMA communication channels such as social networks, websites, instant messaging, direct agency contacts, and telephone. Since May 2021, customer service has also addressed policyholders through a new channel, What’s app. After processing 20 requests a day, What’s app messaging quickly found the audience for informal interactions, responsiveness, and immediacy. The implementation of “chat” in the MMA customer area will be tested during 2022.

From the relationship with the customer experience: Make an emotional connection with the customer

MMA employees are concerned about customer feedback on the service and take into account all the emotions they feel during the exchange. Satisfaction surveys, customer feedback and comments are regularly surveyed to improve the quality of MMA advisors’ listening and advice, and we take an approach that is always collaborative and predicts customer needs.

“” In recent years, complaints have become a moment of life that is entirely part of the customer relationship. Moreover, we are no longer talking about “customer relationships” but “customer experiences”. We do a lot to identify our mood, decipher the emotions of our members and select the correct voice intonation. Correct intonation knows how to reassure members with confidence. Whatever the outcome of your complaint, it is very important to be in your position as the mercy of our advisors takes precedence. Through their relationship and their involvement, the customer experience with us is undesigned and alive. Add Mélanie Lochet, MMA Customer Service Manager.

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