Insurance for non-prescription treatment of your dog or cat

Insurance for non-prescription treatment of your dog or cat

Ensuring the health of his little companions is a concern for many cat and dog owners. There are many formulas for animal interrelationships, but there are generally three categories. The best formula with basic offers, intermediate offers, and premiums with little coverage.

Veterinary care is covered, but rarely benefits from medication reimbursement. However, those costs are generally high and it is important for many masters to brighten up. Fortunately, it is possible to find prescriptions that agree to cover prescription treatments and other rarer prescriptions that cover the cost of purchasing non-prescription treatments. Let’s check in.

Dog or Cat Insurance: How Does It Work?

To maintain the health of the animal, the owner of the dog or cat can enter into a health insurance policy that can cover all or part of the veterinarian’s expenses.

Each insurance company is free to provide the guarantees and fees of its choice. However, most of these interrelationships provide three main categories of expressions.

  • Basic formula The most economical. They cover an average of 50% to 70% of illness and accident related costs, but are much cheaper with a monthly donation of € 5 to € 15.
  • Intermediate formula It’s comfortable. These represent a good compromise, as they cover up to 70% to 90% of the care involved and the cost of contribution generally varies between € 12 and € 30 per month.
  • Premium formula It is a high-end solution. It has a high coverage rate and a repayment rate of 80% to 100%, covering a wide range of care practices and elements such as prevention, euthanasia and funerals. On the other hand, monthly contributions vary from € 30 to over € 80 and are much higher.

During a veterinary consultation, the insured’s cat or dog owner gives the veterinarian a care sheet previously provided by the insurance company. Once this is complete, he will send it to the insurance company and send you a detailed invoice for the care provided to receive a refund up to the terms specified in the contract. If prepayment of costs is almost unavoidable, the redemption period can range from 24 hours to several weeks, which is more or less longer for each contract. Of course, the animal owner must pay the membership fee to get a refund.

As you know, not all treatments are covered, depending on the prescription you choose and the options offered by your insurance company. Treatment is a specific point that concerns many pet owners. Indeed, if some contracts provide for reimbursement of medications prescribed by a practitioner, you will rarely find a formula that agrees to reimburse treatment without a prescription.

Insurance for non-prescription treatment of your dog or cat: is it possible?

In the context of animal health insurance, it is necessary to distinguish between treatments prescribed by prescription and treatments not prescribed by prescription.

Scope of non-prescription treatment

If you have a dog or cat health insurance plan that covers prescription treatment, you can cover all or part of those costs. All you have to do is send a copy of the prescription written by the practitioner to your insurance company and send a purchase invoice from your veterinarian or pharmacy.

Please note that this type of service is not systematically provided. Indeed, only premium formulas and certain intermediate formulas offer full or partial refunds for the treatment prescribed by the prescription. If you are worried, ask your practitioner to prescribe all the remedies you recommend to administer to your dog or cat in order to benefit from the compensation provided by your contract. Please be sure to ask.

In addition, most insurance companies accept this compensation only if the contract provides, provided that the medication prescribed by the veterinarian fits well with the continuity of care provided during the examination. This precaution allows them to avoid abuse. Nonetheless, these terms and conditions may be limited to all coverage, specific listed treatments, or may apply a reimbursement rate or maximum reimbursement limit for this type of product. , Varies from company to company. So be sure to contact us in advance to avoid disappointment.

Scope of non-prescription treatment

Your veterinarian may recommend a particular treatment without a prescription, or recommend an unqualified product. You may also need to purchase self-service care products for your pet. Without veterinary documents, you will not be able to benefit from the support mentioned above.

However, please note that there are some contracts offered by pet insurance companies that agree to cover all or part of these veterinary costs. But to benefit from it, you need to agree to a very covering formula that provides control of almost all your costs, or in some cases choose a preventative package that can integrate this type of treatment without a prescription. there is.

Keep in mind, however, that this type of contract is not offered by all insurers and is at the discretion of each insurer. If you would like to benefit from a refund for these non-prescription products such as anthelmintics, anthelmintics, dental hygiene care, eye and ear lotions, and therapeutic foods, please check each contract before signing.

What is the procedure for renewing treatment?

You may need to renew the treatment already prescribed by your veterinarian. Insured dog or cat owners must be treated by the same veterinary clinic or the same pharmacy in order to benefit from insurance without having to consult again. It is also essential that he receive the same treatment (no general or equivalent treatment). Otherwise, the refund will be refused.

How to find insurance for non-prescription treatment of your dog or cat?

To find the right non-prescription treatment insurance for your little companion, we recommend that you use the services of an online pet insurance comparator. This is a very powerful tool that is free and non-binding. In seconds you can receive offers from multiple animal interrelated parties that meet your expectations.

All you have to do to do this is fill out a simple survey to help the tool target your needs and provide a personal quote to accept to cover prescription-free treatments. am. All you have to do is compare the offers and request a detailed quote. To make the right choice, be careful to study them carefully and compare them with comparable guarantees.