Insurance companies called for lower purchasing power


The insurance company is still in Lin for a few days. According to our information, Minister of Economy and Finance Bruno Le Mer told the insurance company panel Thursday on a proposal that could help households cope with rising inflation in the next two weeks. I asked you to work.

Even if weakened in the second election, the government should soon come up with a bill to support household purchasing power. Executives want insurance companies to support this project. Other sectors are being asked to mobilize. Bruno Le Mer has already met with banks and asked them to think about ways to reduce bank fees.

Make it easier to finish

After the meeting on Thursday, Bercy didn’t get in touch. According to our information, several work paths have been discussed with representatives of federations and major insurance companies to boost households. According to some stakeholders, the exchange was held in a peaceful atmosphere at an organized roundtable.

Longing to intensify competition and lower prices, Bercy will welcome the progress of the termination of insurance policies for cars and homes. One idea is to make it easy to cancel with just a few clicks.

Stakeholders have also addressed the issue of green card abolition, which allows you to view your car insurance. This, in theory, would allow savings to be reinjected at a lower price. In reality, the impact on rates should be very small, but this measure is upheld by insurance companies, which they consider to be a welcome simplification.


Tariff relief

Remember that insurers are expected to ease insurance prices and are facing rising home insurance coverage costs due to repeated natural disasters and rising building prices. It was.

Similarly, they remembered that the cost of repairing a damaged car increased on a regular basis. To counter this phenomenon, the development of readjusted used parts (for reuse) was mentioned by establishing actual distribution channels and expanding the spare parts market.

The minister and the insurance company also discussed affinity insurance. These insurances are especially related to mobile phones and are regularly criticized. As expected, the insurer has agreed to give consumers more time to waive recently signed contracts. One way to tackle the problem of forced sales.

Affinity insurance

The health insurance company claimed that 100% health reforms increased reimbursement. In general, they have long campaigned for tax exemptions on complementary health contracts.

Insurance companies and bankers are increasingly interested in appearing, as new parliamentarians can be tempted to tax them, even if the government disagrees with it.

Health insurance companies saved money on reimbursement of medical expenses when French people couldn’t go out to buy eyeglasses or couldn’t go to the dentist yet during the Covid crisis. , Was required to pay a tax of € 1.5 billion.

Florence Lastman was reelected for 3 years

The President of the French Guarantor, Florence Lastman, was unanimously reappointed to her position on Thursday and for three years during the Federal Assembly. At the end of 2019, arriving to replace Bernard Spitz, former financial officer of La Banque Postale was accused of insurance during the Covid-19 crisis of disposal to companies forced to lower the curtain. I realized that I was at the forefront to protect the company. She also had to step up to defend the insurer’s role in managing care for the proponents of creating “excellent security.” “Claim prevention, cultural transformation into risk, financial education, and even the professional appeal of this sector will constitute a powerful area of ​​work,” the federal government has about 250 insurers and reinsurers. Showed to rally.