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It is possible to take out short-term vehicle insurance with temporary automobile insurance.She is ideal To save car insurance for small ridersBut also very convenient To insure your car for a short stay Areas not covered by foreign or “classic” automobile insurance.

What is Temporary Car Insurance?

Temporary car insurance It is an insurance contract For a limited time..Indeed, the duration of this type of contract is common Up to 1-90 days.. Therefore, it is intended for drivers who want to take out insurance for less than one year.

Generally required to get the right to subscribe Have driving experience..Indeed, these contracts are generally Reserved for drivers over the age of 21 and has a license valid for at least 2 years.. Insurance companies also find it difficult to insure people over the age of 70 with short-term car contracts.

When should I get short-term car insurance?

Depending on your vehicle usage, there are several reasons to take out short-term vehicle insurance.

  • You go on an overseas trip And your classic car insurance policy does not cover the vehicle at the destination of your choice.
  • I ended my old contract I want to insure my car while finding new insurance.
  • You rent a car that is not yours.
  • You rent a car ;
  • You rarely use your car ;
  • Your loved ones are trapped in their car and you need to pick it up for them.
  • You have imported a car from a foreign country and are waiting for its final registration.

Please note that car insurance is mandatory, Even in unused vehicles.The required minimum expression is Car civil liability.. Therefore, temporary vehicle insurance can be used, for example, to get more warranty on the vehicle within a limited period of time. It will be added to your classic contract.

How to temporarily insure a car?

To temporarily secure a car, you need to ask an insurance company that offers this type of contract. You need to provide the following support documentation:

  • copy of Gray card Or a temporary insured vehicle registration certificate (this works even if the gray card is not the insured’s name or is issued abroad).
  • copy of driver’s license Of the insured who allows him to travel the territory of France;
  • copy of Information report An affidavit of the insured, or, if applicable, his driving history (claims, violations, etc.).

The information statement is Sent every time the contract expires Or with a simple request. To do this, you can contact the insurance company by phone or make a written request. You will receive the documents within 15 days.

How to insure the car for the day?

You can easily get insurance for only one day with temporary automobile insurance. surely, Minimum period For French car insurance 24hours.. However, the vehicle cannot be insured for several hours.

How to insure your car on the weekends?

Many insurance companies offer 3-day offer, Including Friday. As a general rule, you are required to obtain a driver’s license. At least 2 years..

However, keep in mind that weekend insurance is often less attractive than traditional insurance for very simple reasons. In many cases, the price is high and the level of compensation is minimized.

How to insure a car for a month?

As we have seen, temporary car insurance policies are usually offered for a period of 1 to 90 days. That is, up to 3 months.. Therefore, if you want to insure your car for only one month, you can sign this type of contract.

How to buy temporary car insurance online?

As with traditional contracts, it is quite possible to get temporary insurance online.This can be a real-time savings as you can Compare offers faster You no longer have to go to the branch to meet your advisor.So you can easily rate which one Additional warranty or option You need it according to your profile and the intended use of your car.

How much does temporary car insurance cost?

Cost calculated based on the car profile

As with classic car insurance, the cost of short-term insurance depends on several factors. Prices vary from 10 € to 100 € per dayHowever, other criteria need to be taken into account.

  • Vehicle type (car with or without trailer, motorcycle, truck, caravan);
  • Insured model (brand);
  • Vehicle parking lot.

Cost calculated according to driving conditions

So if you are a young driver, a malicious driver, or even a senior driver, you are at risk of paying more. On the contrary, your car insurance will be cheaper with a bonus-Mars factor of 100 or less.

Finally, you should know that there are often temporary insurance policies More expensive than a classic car insurance policy for the same level of warranty.. The main reason is that insurance companies with this type of contract take more risk because they don’t know you in advance.

Therefore, term life insurance cannot really replace classic car insurance. This is not very advantageous in the long run and only applies to the specific cases above.

What is the one-time insurance guarantee?

For most temporary insurance policies, the warranty is limited to the civil liability and legal protection of the vehicle.These are called Temporary third party insurance..

However, it is possible to have more guaranteed temporary car insurance policies, such as: Failure support, driver injury, theft, glass breakage, etc. Recommended for short-term overseas trips. Don’t hesitate to compare car insurance to find the best guarantee for your needs.

How Does Young Driver Term Life Insurance Work?

Temporary insurance “young driver” does not mean the same as long-term car insurance. Young drivers are already licensed for more than 2 years and are customers over 21 years old. (See 23+ for specific insurance).Therefore, an 18-year-old young driver who has just obtained a license and is therefore eligible for long-term vehicle insurance. Short-term automobile insurance cannot be purchased..

However, young drivers who want to buy short-term insurance have the advantage of price. They are usually considered high-risk customers of all types of insurance, but with this type of contract, Same rate as more experienced drivers..

Term insurance FAQ

  • What is term life insurance?

    Temporary insurance, also known as provisional insurance, allows you to insure your car for a short period of time. 1-90 days later..

  • Term car insurance is useful for protecting you and your car for a period of time. French territory or abroad..

  • for’Insure the vehicle for a few daysYou need to make a claim to the insurance company and submit the supplementary documents (driver’s license, vehicle registration documents, information statement) necessary to conclude the contract.

  • To find cheap and immediate temporary car insurance, You can use the insurance comparator.. Through the comparison form, it is possible to get a car insurance quote that corresponds to both your budget and your profile.