Initiation of Economic Dialogue between Morocco and China’s Strategic Shandong Province

Part of the Shandong initiative, called the “Bridge to Africa,” the session was attended by representatives of more than 80 Chinese companies who came to inquire about investment opportunities in Morocco.

In a speech at the beginning of this session, Morocco’s ambassador to China, Aziz Mekuar, emphasized that this type of meeting could deepen the link between friendship and mutual understanding between the two countries.

He said he was honored to be Morocco’s first African country to be invited to the birth of a new “bridge to Africa” ​​platform. ..

The first kind of “Morocco-Shandong Dialogue” between the Kingdom and the province of China draws its essence from the excellent relationship between Morocco and China and emphasizes to the ambassadors, these relationships are always friendship, understanding, Respect for each other.

Recalling a recent celebration to commemorate the 63rd anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Morocco and China, Mr. Mohamed VI and President Xi Jinping have already implemented this exemplary relationship renewal milestone in May 2016. Said that he did. Sovereign visiting Beijing.

During this visit, the two heads of state have entered into a multifaceted strategic partnership commensurate with their ambitions, he added, saying that significant steps have been taken since the establishment of this partnership.

In this context, diplomats specifically quoted the signing of the Implementation Plan for the Kingdom’s Compliance with the 2017 Belt and Road Initiative and the Joint Construction of the Belt and Road Initiative on January 5, 2022.

He said the dialogue between the two countries was part of the continuation of a permanent reconciliation, in which the dialogue promised to raise economic relations to a level of excellence in the political relations between Rabat and Beijing. Said to have.

China has been Morocco’s third-largest trading partner for several years, but bilateral trade has yet to reach its true potential, Mekouar said, “more than we have established. Specifically, the innovative form constitutes an unprecedented opportunity. ” ..

The ambassador said he was optimistic about the success of this new consultation scheme, especially since it started in one of China’s most dynamic regions, allowing it to identify and operate previously unexplored means of cooperation. I continued.

“This is a new paradigm of cooperation being tested today,” Mekouar said, adding that other Moroccan and Chinese states could benefit from this new dialogue.

Beyond economic interests, he says, this new approach can build a cultural bridge and contribute to a better understanding between the two, and this first dialogue is decisive for future implementation. I emphasized that. From consultation.

Yang Pei Pei, economic counselor at the Chinese Embassy in Rabat, said the conference provided a fruitful forum for stakeholders to interact with various stakeholders on business opportunities in Morocco, opening up great potential for China-Morocco cooperation. He said it would provide a place to take advantage of it. Through the “Bridge to Africa” ​​platform.

She said she enjoys the strategic position that allows Morocco to act as a link between Europe, Africa, the Middle East and the United States.

Chinese diplomats recall the progress Morocco has made in many areas of economic activity, including agriculture, fishing, automobiles, tourism and renewable energy, and have recently adopted a new development model that has produced positive results. I emphasized what I did.

She said the signing of the Implementation Plan for the Belt and Road Joint Construction in January last year would open a new chapter in economic cooperation in Central Morocco.

Citing Chinese customs statistics, diplomats said the volume of bilateral trade between Morocco and China reached $ 6.52 billion in 2021, an increase of 36.6% over the previous year. ..

Meanwhile, China’s imports from Morocco increased by 38.5%, she said.

Mr. Yang did not fail to praise Morocco’s efforts under the guidance of Mohamed VI in the fight against the Pandemics of Covid 19.

She said the fight had achieved meaningful positive results, emphasizing Morocco-China cooperation in vaccine research and development.

At the beginning of the dialogue session, participants watched two institutional films that traced the various economic possibilities of Morocco and Shandong.

Organized under the label of “Morocco-China Economic Dialogue” initiated by the Moroccan Embassy in China in 2022, this first edition of the dialogue between Morocco and Shandong Province is the construction, automobile, machinery and manufacturing, minerals. Focused on the fields of exploration, agricultural exports, and the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. “Bridge to Africa” ​​is a service platform launched by Shandong Province with the aim of accelerating the realization of the results of the 81st Ministerial Conference of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation and expanding the opening of Shandong Province to the world.

This platform is ideal for organizing Shandong Province within the framework of the China-Africa Forum as a hub that brings together various government, industrial, academic, financial and economic stakeholders involved in cooperation with Africa. We have set a goal to make it a good state. cooperation.

Shandong Province has more than 100 million inhabitants and is one of the most populous provinces in China. With a gross domestic product of US $ 129 billion in 2021, it is also the country’s third “local economy”.

The state is rich in natural resources and has the largest ore reserves in the country. Of the top 500 companies in China, 48 are headquartered in Shandong. Its food, paper, gold mining and tire manufacturing industries are the largest in China in terms of profits.

Light industry, machinery manufacturing and building material production rank second in the country, while the automotive and metallurgical sector ranks third.