INAM: After 10 years of benefits, head for universal health insurance

Me’Togo National Health Insurance Association (INAM) is celebrating its 10th anniversary. In short, there is a positive evaluation of the services provided to policyholders. The celebration also provides an opportunity for the institution to evaluate the service and its collaboration with its partners. To do this, the INAM team visited the University Hospital Center (CHU) campus at the beginning of the week. The purpose is to see what needs to be improved to improve the care of policyholders.

As a pillar of management, INAM has always endeavored to better understand the expectations of beneficiaries and provide appropriate responses to satisfy beneficiaries. After establishing a regional delegation, 16 liaison offices have been set up in large hospitals with the aim of providing information, raising awareness and giving advice to users. Over the decade, the number of contracted service providers has increased to 1,442.

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The University Hospital Center (CHU) on the Lome Campus has been a partner of INAM since its inception. According to Dr. Asima Karao, the director of this public center, there is a good atmosphere in terms of cooperation between the two institutions.

“From the start of the service, INAM has also set up a liaison office at the CHU campus level, facilitating policyholder procedures and a permanent exchange framework to remedy daily difficulties at the two institutional levels. It was installed. It reassured Dr. Asima.

As a plea, the first manager of the CHU campus asks INAM to reduce service payment times so that insurers and other health center users can update their inventory of medicines and reagents.

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Prescribers are basically people who work closely with the patient. According to Dr. Laconi Kaga, the beginning of this collaboration was turbulent. But over time, the relationship between prescription drugs and patients has really become established. This is due to the willingness of INAM staff to improve things.

“At that time, health insurance was new to the public sector in which we work. Yes, we had experience with private insurance, but we didn’t have much consultation. On the other hand, when INAM arrived, patients I realized that there was an additional burden of welcoming and filling out the form. Also, after some reported failures, there was a culmination of innovations, especially care notes. Even at the level of reducing the number of books and extending care, “explained the physician.

ExiAdjivon is one of the beneficiaries. We welcome the contribution of this initiative by the Government of Togo. To be sure, it was difficult for a sexual Genarian who retired for more than 20 years to earn income at the end of the month after paying for medical expenses.

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“But I started to benefit from the benefits of INAM, so I was able to reduce my health care costs and meet other needs,” Exi Adjivon testified.

On her side, the widow M. Roukiya congratulated the Togolese authorities for introducing this “life-saving” mechanism.

“The joy of energizing me is wonderful. I have been hospitalized for a week, but if I don’t lie to you, I can’t survive without the benefits of INAM. With those who God has a vision for. May you bless those who are doing it, “she said.

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Approximately 430,000 beneficiaries in 10 years

The compulsory health insurance scheme for public and similar employees, born of the political will and commitment of the country’s highest authorities to promote access to quality care for Togoles, is Act N of 18 February 2011. Established by ° 2011-003. .. Management of this plan is outsourced to the National Institute of Health Insurance (INAM) to ensure that it covers illnesses, accidents, non-professional illnesses, and risks associated with the birth of public institutions and their heirs. Is our mission.

To fulfill its entrusted mission, INAM began caring for beneficiaries nationwide on March 1, 2012, a few months after its establishment, and has continued to provide services to satisfy beneficiaries ever since. Registered for improvement.

In 10 years, health insurance has made great strides. The number of beneficiaries doubled between 2012 and 2021. The number of beneficiaries increased from 209,243 in 2012 to 426,866 in 2021.

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The number of services that INAM pays and repays is skyrocketing, indicating that insureds are increasingly using health insurance for treatment. From consultation to hospitalization, the consumption of services continues to increase, including biological or imaging procedures, and especially medicines.

Consultations almost tripled between 2012 and 2021. The number increased from 136,847 in 2012 to 405,319 in 2021. The amount of reimbursement drugs, which was 547,175 in 2012, will increase over several years by 2021, equivalent to 6 cases (06), double that of 2012. The annual average of biological analysis for 10 years of service is 482,455.

INAM is digitizing services and plans

In 2018, INAM embarked on support and dematerialization of business processes. It’s a matter of improving the quality of service and facilitating data exchange with partners. The ambition is also to have a reliable and robust information system to address the issues and challenges of universal health insurance, which was voted in parliament on October 12, 2021.

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INAM’s digital transformation began with several IT projects that reached a high level. These IT projects help manage the support process, automate the management of the health insurance business, and please all INAM clients: beneficiaries, employers, healthcare providers and pharmacists.

With this approach, INAM received a certificate of merit, with particular reference to “transforming health insurance activities and achieving strategic goals,” based on the International Social Security Association (ISSA) Good Practices Benchmark.

After 10 years of service, INAM has been positioned as a major player in Togo’s medical financial reform. INAM’s extensive experience in health risk management will be leveraged by the contributions and commitments of all stakeholders for the success of universal health insurance.

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