In Marseille, two dentists attempted to mutilate 322 patients

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Marseille (AFP) – He promised a “star smile”. A dentist appeared in Marseille on Monday and was accused of fraudulently enriching himself with his father behind the scenes of social security by performing a medically unjust and unsuccessful operation that injured hundreds of patients. rice field.

Lionel Gezi, 41, has also been brought to justice by dentist Carnot Gezi, 70, and their two companies for “intentional violence that causes flesh or permanent disability” and “fraud.” Will be.

Two men charged with “use” and “accomplice” for “forgery of private documents” will be sentenced to 10 years in prison and a fine of € 375,000. This could be close to € 2 million for the company. Mention the compensation of many victims.

Abscesses, pain, recurrent infections, black mouth, bad breath, unretained prostheses: 10 years after the criminal facts of 2009-2012, many ex-patients still suffer from disability, some plaintiffs said. Attorney Marc-André Ceccaldi testifies.

“85% of the victims are humble people who often benefit from complementary universal health insurance (CMUC). Lionel Gezi promised them a star smile. Today + Gezi’s smile + We talk about evoking damaged teeth, “he says.

“My client will definitely try to prove that he wasn’t willing to do any harm in the event of negligence or recklessness,” explains Lionel Guedj’s lawyer, Frédéric Monneret. His clients are “happy to be able to explain themselves in the end,” but “stressed by the bets on the trial,” he says.

A total of 322 ex-patients have filed civil suits, along with the Bouches-du-Rhone Primary Health Insurance Fund (CPAM), five interlocutors, and the national and departmental council of dentists.

This special trial will be held until April 8 in a 400-seat room specially set up in the former barracks.

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The case began in 2009 with a medical management investigation by the Bouches-du-Rhone Primary Health Insurance Fund (CPAM) and a social security “abuse of care” after receiving a report from an insurance company about a suspicious claim for a prosthesis. rice field.

In 2011, a CPAM13 complaint was filed claiming damages of approximately € 1.7 million. A judicial inquiry began in 2012. Indicted, the two men were released under judicial supervision. They were banned from practicing by the order of the dentist.

The conclusions of the administrative investigation, backed by several expert reports and hearings of 170 patients, were organized with the aim of producing “the largest dental prosthesis that benefits from tariff freedom.” Describes the system. “The father and son tandem was clearly led by Lionel Gezi,” according to several witnesses.

“The first visit was systematically completed with a large work program that included deactivating and crowning as many teeth as possible,” the report said. “Spontaneous to healthy teeth.” A strong estimate of damage is evoked.

“You came for two cavities and deactivated all your teeth and left,” testified during an investigation by dental assistant Nadia Omar.

Lionel Gezi, counting health insurance dental consultants, claimed a crown 28 times the average of his colleagues. In 2010, he was a leading French dentist, with a sector average of 180,000 euros and sales of 2.6 million euros.

In a few years he built a real estate portfolio of € 9.5 million and owned a luxury car, a 15-meter yacht.

Before the investigator, Lionel Gezi justified his success with long working hours and extraordinary speed.

However, for social security, it took 52 hours of work a day to achieve such results in normal activities. This action requires five or more steps, as Dr. Guedj realized, for example, “installing a reliable dental prosthesis without fitting” and reduced the quality of care.

Justice also blames the dentist for the disappearance or tampering of x-rays in an attempt to hide the false diagnosis.