In economics, Le Pen and Zemur are almost far apart

Posted on February 14th. 2022 16:39Updated February 14th. 2022 06:17 PM

Behind their “economic patriotism” and the same ambiguity to quantify their programs, two far-right rivals Marine Le Pen and Eric Zemmour defend two different economic lines and they escape. Attempts to rebalance to attract the voters who have done so.

Finder tax officer Zemur

The more liberal Eric Zemmour intensified his attacks on “bureaucracy collapse” and “taxes”. “Tax officer, this word alone freezes your blood”, He launched as a supporter in Cannes on January 22nd.

In the name of social class “reconciliation”, the candidate is Reconquête! At the employer’s whim, defend the “Zero Charge Bonus” with up to three months’ wages. As another liberal marker, he raised the statutory retirement age to 64 instead of 62, exempted certain inheritance taxes and home bases from property tax (Ifi), and “supported” which is an insult to him. I want to criticize it violently. ‘.

But in search of popular voters, he also pays half the cost of gasoline, a scholarship of € 10,000 for children born in the “countryside of France”, or income of less than € 2,000. Demanding lower social measures such as lower CSG for employees. .. The injured considers these last two proposals unconstitutional because of a breach of equality.

According to CNRS researcher Gilles Ivaldi, Eric Zemmour has an 80’s FN “A very prominent combination of financial Poojadism-Jean-Marie Le Pen wanted to abolish income tax-“ Claim “Converged profits of workers and business leaders” To do so “Abolish class struggle” An era when communism was strong.

Evolution of Le Pen

Marine Le Pen provided camp by claiming purchasing power and public services “Very social anchor” According to Gilles Ivaldi, this will allow him to secure a popular young voter.

She wants to reduce VAT on fuel and electricity prices from 20% to 5.5%, “Freezing” Employer contributions from companies that raise wages by 10% “More carefully” Certain popular categories rather than assistantship rivals “I live in the social minimum and don’t want to hear” These reviews.

However, RN candidates have changed her program in search of financial credibility, wanting to expand her voters to the wealthier and older categories.

She gave up leaving the EU and the euro from 2017, dropped her retirement proposal with a pension at ages 60 and 40, and booked it for French people who started working between the ages of 17 and 20. did.For the rest, the system is “progressive” and the overall demand is “I will not continue to raise the retirement age.”

When Eric Zemmour targeted all businesses, she promised to reduce production taxes for small businesses.

Disputed person

Marine Le Pen and Eric Zemmour “Both are on track to rebalance the presidential program. Eric Zemmour is very liberal and Marine Le Pen is sociable that the starting point converges towards the midpoint. ,, Gilles Ivaldi explains.

Like her competitors, Candidate RN defends Ifi’s reforms. She also demands tax cuts, but she targets younger people, like her income tax exemption for people under the age of 30.

The main thing they have in common is fighting immigrants, their priorities, and funding their programs with highly controversial numbers.

They believe that limiting or eliminating non-contributory social support to foreigners can save 16 to 20 billion (Eric Zemmour) annually.

However, the National Family Allowance Fund, which was contacted, told AFP that all allowances paid to foreigners would be equivalent to “9 billion euros” (2019 figures) per year, except for the minimum age managed by the National Fund. I told you. Pension insurance.

Protective traders also agree that they want to risk the de facto Brexit of France and include the superiority of domestic law over European law in the Constitution.