In Dubai, the economical French-speaking world takes action-June Afrique

Launched in 2020, the economical Francophone has received the most attention from OIF and its secretary general, Luism Shikiwabo. According to its first concrete result, it has achieved some success.

For a long time, the economical French-speaking world has become a reality in the last few months. As soon as he was elected in October 2018, Louise Musikiwabo became one of his digital priorities. Three years later, it is clear that the Secretary-General of the International Organization for Francophony (OIF) kept her promise.

The event hosted by the Economic Digital Francophone Division (DFEN) in Dubai on February 22 is a new step in the shift officially taken by the organization since the definition of the La Francophone (SEF) Economic Strategy in November 2020. .. Next 5 years. The health impossibility of hosting the 18th OIF Summit in Gerva at the end of 2021, and the Francophone Economic Forum (FEF) that has been attached to it since the 2014 Dakar Summit, are economic causes. Does not prevent you from continuing. Organized in Paris last August, following a joint initiative of the Employers’ Organization of Medeff in France and Utica in Tunisia, through the Rencontres des entrepreneurs francophones (REF).

Rapidly changing economic space

I was convinced that the general use of French constitutes an obvious asset for doing business – Unfair advantage [avantage déloyal] As economists say, since then, 25 French-speaking employers’ organizations have established international associations and a permanent delegation has been established in Paris. The association’s founding agreement could not be signed as planned in February due to the waves of Omicron. However, initiatives originating from both the private sector and French-speaking civil society “still test our strategy,” believes Henri Monceau, head of DFEN.

Learn to talk to investors and know how to seduce them to raise money better

Therefore, the latter, along with his team, was the prime contractor of the Dubai Conference, which used the last rays of the World’s Fair, which is due to close on March 31, to shed some light on the scene. Explained within the organization, the international community, “as the Secretary-General wishes”.

In addition to the conference centered on “Challenges and Opportunities of International Investors in the Rapidly Changing Francophone Economy”, the United Nations Development Program (Unido) representatives gathered in addition to the OIF conference. rice field. The Permanent Conference of the Consulate of Africa and Francophony (CPCCAF) and the International Network of Francophone Investment Promotion Agencies (RIAFPI), the main purpose of this event is a business conference between French-speaking entrepreneurs and investors around the world. Was to encourage.

Pioneer company

As part of the program, 32 companies, start-ups, or SMEs imprinted as “French-speaking entrepreneurial pioneers”, mainly from Africa, but also from the Middle East (Lebanon) and Asia (Vietnam). Also continued from August to February. There were several training sessions aimed at accelerating and strengthening development, with the final session held in Dubai the day before the meeting. Opportunities for OIFs to meet in the same place, entrepreneurs, investors, representatives of the digital ecosystem of partners (incubators, accelerators …), and specific investment promotion agencies in French-speaking countries (Côte d’Ivoire, 1st floor …) ..

“Pioneer” companies are selected based on their social, educational, digital, or environmental impact. This is the case, for example, with Faso Attiéké, which was launched in Burkina Faso in 2010 and produces 550 tonnes of goods annually for the local market. In addition to creating nearly 100 jobs in the country, more than 500 Burkina Faso producers can sell their goods and participate in the liberation. With sales of € 400,000 in 2021, Faso Attiéké has already confirmed its usefulness. Especially when it comes to securing raw materials, it is still necessary to perpetuate their existence.

Same as above of the Democratic Republic of the Congo company Schoolap, which is based in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and wants to generalize access to quality educational content across the country through its own tablet. “We provide teachers with low-cost educational tools that allow them to work off-the-grid,” explains project promoter Pascal Kanik. Given the demand for this tablet, manufactured in China today and available for $ 150 (€ 134), it has had some success. After successfully setting up an appropriate bank loan with the country’s leading banking brand, Raw Bank, more than 10,000 tablets will be delivered by the end of this year, well over the 500 tablets sold monthly at the start of marketing in 2021. am.

The role of facilitator

Like his fellow entrepreneur, Pascal Canick traveled to Dubai “to find the money that would allow him to accelerate production.” These entrepreneurs could rely on the environment provided by OIF to find hundreds of thousands of dollars, and even millions of dollars, that could take them to another stage. “For better funding to learn how to talk to investors and know the temptations,” Pascal Kanik summarizes again. And that’s exactly what they did as part of the “Pioneer” program. Thanks to a platform like Axum launched last year, the director of Soumeya Rachedi has confirmed that it is exactly to “contact investors and entrepreneurs.”

Objective: To clarify this economical French-speaking country

Don’t forget to provide a library of resources aimed at providing the information you need to successfully raise funds and strengthen your leadership. Axum was created by the Greentec Capital Partners Fund, launched in 2015 to invest in influential SMEs on the African continent. The same is true for the African Business Angel Network (ABAN), which exists in 40 African countries and intervenes as a “first investor”. From the birth of the company, by providing capital, advice, and its network, as explained by its Secretary-General, Fabila Hchoumba. “

OIF concludes Henri Monceau by emphasizing the “role of facilitators and connectors” by successfully gathering everyone at the same table in Dubai. In particular, the organization has confirmed the progress of the economic French-speaking world. “In 2020, we defined the strategy we implemented the following year before we began to enjoy the results in the last few months,” continued the director. OIF’s economics and digital were pleased to see that Dubai “verified the concepts launched at the start of the project.”

The next step at the end of March is the launch of the first economic mission OIF has ever organized. More than 400 companies, including those in Dubai, have the opportunity to meet in Vietnam and Cambodia to strengthen their business relationships. The second mission is already scheduled to go to Gabon and Rwanda in July. Henri Monceau argues that the purpose is, of course, to sign an agreement each time. Therefore, it reveals this economical French-speaking country.