How will the Lemoin method of real estate in Auvergne change?


According to a French wholesale insurance agency and loan insurance expert in April, in Clermont-Ferrand, a typical real estate purchase is made by a 31-year-old single with a loan of € 128,252.

60% of these purchases are for older ones, 32% are first-time buyers, and the average loan term is 22 years. And the amount of insurance for the borrower is € 8,472. However, buyers do not always keep in mind the budget that this insurance represents at the time of purchase.

Especially in the past, there has not always been major communication in this regard. “And credit rates have fallen sharply in recent years, so even if they’re up a bit, premiums are relatively high compared to the amount of the loan,” said Sébastien Limousin, April Group’s distribution and digital director. I am saying.


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This insurance budget is “imposed on all owners in a less competitive world. Banks often pressure you to take out insurance when you get a loan. New Lemoin The advantage of the law is that policyholders can change their insurance at any time and cannot get insurance from the bank »».

In particular, according to a study conducted by UFC Que Choisir, it could save between € 5,000 and € 15,000 for borrowers. “This is a very good market opening with updated purchasing power.» Say hello to Sébastien Limousin.

premium Health crisis and telecommuting flood Arrie into top-notch real estate

Right to be forgotten

Beyond this first aspect, the law has three advantages, according to him. Obligation of information issued by bankers. For those who are unforgettable and suffer from illness or medical condition, a major change in the right to be forgotten, especially in the case of cancer or hepatitis C.

Previously, the right to be forgotten was 10 years, but it has been reduced to 5 years. People who got cancer more than five years ago no longer need to declare it.

The second advantage is about small loans. For all loans up to € 200,000 per insured, those under the age of 60 at the end of the credit will no longer need to fill out a health questionnaire.

premium In real estate, the price of a new Puy de Dome building has risen by about € 800 per square meter over a decade.

“This means that people who couldn’t get insurance because they were in a health condition that wasn’t previously accepted by insurance companies or banks can get insurance if they don’t insure more than € 200,000 per person. Means. »»

Gaelle Chazal

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