How to reduce life insurance costs? THE [Lyon-Entreprises]


How to reduce life insurance costs?

Life insurance has increased over the years. It is advantageous for a variety of reasons, and they make it possible to make more or less risky investments, both long-term and medium-term. In addition to this, you need to know that it is possible to have several life insurance policies. This makes asset management much easier, and as long as the contract is dedicated to a particular beneficiary, it will be easier to inherit.

However, you need to take the time to compare the different offers offered by professionals. For example, using an insurance comparator is a good idea to distinguish the most interesting contracts. In any case, you need to know that you have to pay various costs by taking out life insurance. You can reduce the annual amount of a particular cost by using a comparator and negotiating a particular point with an insurance expert.

Life insurance, investment useful for long-term project development

The principle of life insurance is relatively simple. Paying to your account on a regular or more regular basis, the insurance company is responsible for making more or less risky investments as directed.

In the long run, life insurance is ideal as long as you can benefit from tax incentives when withdrawing the money you invest. In addition to this, if you can only open one A or PEL booklet, you can have multiple life insurance policies. In this way, you can assign contracts to specific projects. This simplifies asset management.

Life insurance is also great for preparing your property as long as the contract can be linked to a particular beneficiary. Finally, you can make a lifetime donation from your life insurance policy, but it also has significant tax benefits.


What fees do you need to negotiate?

If you deposit in a life insurance account, you will need to pay an admission fee for each payment. Keep in mind that these fees are easily amortized over the long term and are almost painless.

Negotiating these fees is not always useful, as these fees are unique and not annual. However, thanks to internet brokers, it is becoming increasingly rare to have to pay these fees. The latter puts pressure on prices, and today insurers are trying to offer at least as attractive offers. The application fee is easy to amortize even in the long term, especially for the conclusion of an associative contract.

Annual membership fee that can be reduced

Once you have a life insurance policy, you will have to pay different types of fees on a regular basis. Technically, they are obtained directly from your life insurance.

Life insurance company fees, unit-linked fees, and performance and transfer fees can quickly increase your bill. Therefore, it is advisable to ask the insurance company for the amount (percentage) before signing the contract.

A list of all life insurance related costs is available on the internet. Feel free to refer to it to determine the points that need your attention.

What is the argument you propose to negotiate with your insurance company?

If the admission fee is preventing you from signing a life insurance policy, feel free to negotiate with your insurance company. Indeed, even if they are amortized after a few years, they can represent a significant cost. Therefore, you can also emphasize the fact that you want to enter into multiple contracts at the same time, or emphasize the quality of your profile.

Playing with competitors is also important. For example, take the time to compare different offers from professionals using a life insurance comparator. This saves your time. Before signing the contract, please read the various terms of the contract carefully to avoid paying unexpected costs.

Life insurance comparator that can save you money

Thanks to the internet, you may find the most favorable life insurance policy, depending on your medium- to long-term goals and in relation to the amount of payment you plan to make.

Comparator allows you to analyze different offers in a short amount of time. Do not hesitate to physically negotiate with the insurance company using the information in the comparator. The presence of significant competition on the Internet has forced professionals to offer lucrative offers to future customers, especially with the goal of gaining their loyalty.