How to recognize Emmanuel Macron’s economic policy?


“Left-wing voters have more reason to find themselves in Emmanuel Macron’s actions today than in 2017.”Gabriel Attal sued world.. Therefore, government spokespersons strive to praise the government’s social, fair and redistribution policies and are always careful to assert health issues. “Ségur de lasanté represents a historic investment of € 15 billion and will be revalued at € 200 per month for all caregivers.”.. To these discussions, he adds billions of euros invested in our economy, “To save business and work”.. For the minister, we are far from budgetary rigor, Bercy’s lock, and the 3% sacred golden rule policy set by European treaties. The majority of the presidents hit it with a mallet. Also the media. According to Economic Alternative, Germany and the UK have done much more to support households and businesses, but the country has never done so much to save its economy.

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It’s clear that the government has regained the leeway it lacked a few months ago. “There is no magic money”Emmanuel Macron replied to the nurse in April 2018, while the caregiver was alerting the hospital situation.Today we spend generously “Take your life” And I wonder what kind of economic theory this formula refers to. Did Emmanuel Macron discover Keynesian susceptibility during the health crisis? Can you talk about the recovery policy? To understand, we must first look at how public funds are distributed. Emmanuel Macron has pursued policies in favor of corporate and personal wealth since the start of his five-year term. According to economist Gilles Raveaud “Emmanuel Macron’s policy is a professional business policy. That is, supply policy and health crisis haven’t changed at all. He pursues even this voice violently.”..


So can Emmanuel Macron and his government policies be recognized as liberal, as criticized by the Left? For economists, it’s a trap. “On the left, we must stop using the word liberal. Rights and with it Macron is not in the camp of freedom. Freedom belongs to the left. Freedom is our public service. Macron and his Right-wing friends want to privatize everything. By privatizing our health and public services, they deprive us of our freedom. “.. Therefore, Gilles Raveaud immediately admits when it comes to certifying government economic policies. “There is a problem with vocabulary. Macron is making our state predatory. In this sense, he is pursuing a neoliberal policy that harnesses the power of the state to serve his private interests. Also, in this way, recovery plans that may have been an opportunity to increase social minimums and create young RSAs are used. For the benefit of a small number. »»

Pillage state

The same observations on the part of MEP and economist Aurora Lalucq are very spontaneous. “Pillage” Under Emmanuel Macron’s five-year term. She insists: “The people who rule us made us believe that they were liberals, even though we didn’t actually reduce state intervention. Even in debt. Yes, this means that we used elements of a liberal-type language, such as needing to be more competitive or less government-at the same time, using these elements of language. People have called for state intervention to support their business. That’s what we do today. In addition, we have states that support businesses on a large scale without restrictions. Give to the most vulnerable countries, such as the unemployed. We are not in a liberal perspective, but we are in a position to provide the most powerful services. “..

However, France, like most countries in the world, has chosen to limit its population by stopping productive equipment and economic activity. Emmanuel Macron was even convinced that he wanted to prioritize health issues over economic issues.Therefore, “Take your life”.. Did the left say it better? Do you do it well? Separately? The argument is inappropriate for economist Eloi Laurent. “The standard is not cost. When we make a policy, the problem is: Which compass do we take? My analysis of France’s response is contrary to what the government says. And we have systematically supported the economy. It’s hard to understand because we made this choice. [du quoi qu’il en coûte] There are both health and economic disasters. “ It is justified: “During the second wave, the infection resumed very strongly from the end of August, the first measures were not taken until mid-October and hardened at the end of October. Why? Prioritize economic recovery. Step-by-step measures There is an economic catastrophe because things are allowed to get worse, rather than taking appropriate health policies, which has led us to a radical containment policy that has killed the economy. »»

… and finally, capitalism wins

For Elois Laurent, it is a double disgrace with double health and financial disaster.And that “Take your life” It will be reduced to the form of communication. Because, in reality, President Macron had no choice. This is at least what economist Robert Boyer thinks. “The virus destabilizes all economic policies and leads them.”.. Boyer, who has just announced capitalism exposed to the ordeal of a pandemic by Éditions de La Découverte, thinks: “The state looks like a systemic risk insurance company.”.. For him “We have not seen a resurgence of Keynesianism. The state is just an insurance company. Once the pandemic is resolved, we will return to our previous strategy. We have not seen a resurgence of the French planning system. Announced structural reforms Before continuing, we are enclosed in parentheses. “ And the government is already preparing us for that. “‘Whatever you need’ must be completed in 2021”, Last January, declared by Minister of Public Accounting Olivier Dusopt. Labor Minister Elizabeth Borne wants to bring unemployment insurance reform back on the agenda. Bruno Le Maire, on the other hand, guarantees that French people have to work longer and longer – pension reform from a perspective. Not to mention the Covid debt that French people have to pay. You have to go back to Square 1 and wait for the runoff to take place …

Finally, the question is not about what economic policy the President of the Republic is implementing, but for whom he is implementing it. And according to a report from Oxfam last January, the answer is clear. “Today, the poorest are the big losers of Emmanuel Macron’s five-year term. Reconstruction plans should be an opportunity to build a fairer and more sustainable world, but not. In France, recovery. Less than 1% of the plan is devoted to the fight against poverty, but billions of euros are paid to companies without binding partners... At the same time, according to charity, in 2020 France would have had one million people in poverty, including women, young people and precarious workers. A man called the rich president has never lived faithfully to his name, not only at the end of his five-year term since 2017. And Robert Boyer is certain: it is certainly capitalism that emerges from the health crisis.

Pierre Jack