How to limit the additional charges charged to young drivers

Auto insurance is based on estimating the risk of an accident. However, statistics show that 18-25 years old make up almost a quarter of accident victims. Therefore, insurers are taking the lead by applying so-called additional premiums, which consist of inflating the price to be paid for this protection in the face of mysterious figures. However, if you cannot avoid this tariff penalty, you can reduce it.

Choosing the right insurance company

It may be wise to simply be declared as a secondary driver for your parents’ car, as long as the additional premium applies only if you insure your own car. However, this option also includes payment of additional premiums. Therefore, everything is a matter of calculation to determine the most favorable choice.
You should also be aware that in most cases you can get a commercial gesture by increasing the number of contracts with the same insurance company. Therefore, it is advisable to contact the company that already protects you from other risks (especially housing) or the risks of your parents first.

Accompanied by driving

Insurers are taking into account learning to accompany them because they can travel an average of 3,000 km with supervision, indicating that insurers are not very strict in calculating additional premiums.

If you make the right choice, it is possible to limit the additional car insurance premiums that apply to young drivers.
If you make the right choice, it is possible to limit the additional car insurance premiums that apply to young drivers. –iStock / City Press

Therefore, a young driver (gray card owner) who has received this early training and insured his car will pay an additional 50% premium in the first year. This number drops to 25% in the second year and 12.5% ​​in the third year before the additional premiums are removed from the fourth year.
Even more punishable is that young people during the trial period will have to pay 100% additional premiums for the first year and 50% and 25% for the following year.
What you need to know: This scale applies to new drivers with a license of less than 3 years, and drivers who have had this sesame seed for a long time but have not taken out automobile insurance for more than 3 years.

Avoid disasters

The fewer accidents you have, the faster you will be able to submit your invoice. In fact, you can save a year for each additional premium tranche, unless you have a responsible claim. So, if all goes well, you can say goodbye to the additional premiums from the 3rd year instead of the 4th year.

A young driver who noticed the damage after the collision
Young driver notices damage after a collision-iStock / City Presse

However, in practice, collisions can occur quickly, especially if you are inexperienced. Therefore, you should refrain from declaring a minor defect to your insurance company, even if that means you will have to pay for the repair. This avoids the penalty.

The importance of the model

What is the cheapest solution? Choose a low capacity used car that is no longer listed and will insure a third party instead of all risks (this is enough for the first car). For models over 20 years old, the premium can be used to reduce the monthly fee to around 25 euros.

However, be careful when purchasing strong driver insurance in case of a serious accident. If your reward is less than 1 million euros, go your own way. If you use your vehicle intensively, don’t hesitate to choose additional options such as broken glass or fire. A new windshield of about 300 euros and an additional insurance of 50 euros a year are justified.