How to cancel car insurance?

The contract will be terminated when it expires.

Like almost all personal insurance contracts, the contract is an annual contract with an implicit renewal and ends each year, subject to a two-month notice period by registered mail prior to the main expiration date. Can be requested.

Therefore, to put an end to this, you must send a cancellation request to the insurance company by registered mail with a receipt at least two months before the annual due date.

I want to know: The maturity of the main contract does not always coincide with the anniversary of its effective date. In particular, it may be fixed on January 1st.

End within the framework of the Chatel Act

The insurer must send an expiration notice stating the end date of the contract and notifying the right not to renew the contract provided by law.

The expiration date notification must be sent at least 15 days before the contract expiration date. If the insurer fails to meet this deadline, it will be given another 20 days from the date the notice is sent. If you do not receive the notification, you have complete freedom to terminate at any time.

Be careful: Postmarks are genuine, so it is wise to keep the envelopes in order to make them as needed.

Cancellation of automobile insurance based on the Hamon Law

Automobile insurance contracts can be terminated at any time after the first year of consumer law insurance known as the Hamon Act.

By enforcing this law, you can terminate your contract as soon as the first year of insurance ends, without any other form or penalty.

In fact, the law requiring a subscription to another contract to replace a contract terminated within the framework of Hamon law therefore requires contacting the insurance company to select another insurance company to handle the process. The contract will be terminated within 30 days.

Cancel car insurance outside the main expiration date

Like other contracts, the law allows the termination of automobile contracts in certain very specific situations outside the major expiration date. These cases are restricted by Article L.113-16 of the Insurance Code and are as follows:

  • Change of residence;
  • Marital status or regime changes.
  • Change of occupation or suspension of occupational activities (bankruptcy of self-employed as well as employee retirement).

For these reasons, you can request the termination of your contract within 3 months of the event and you must be notified one month in advance.

Good to know : In accordance with the provisions of Article L.113-16 of the Insurance Law, in these cases, the insurance company will refund the insured a part of the premium or contribution calculated in proportion to the period when the risk did not occur. Have to. Run.

Please note that you can also exit.

  • If the insurance company terminates one of the other contracts (Article R.113-10).
  • When the risk is reduced (Article R.113-4), or when the insurance company refuses to reduce the premium following an increase in the premium.

In these two cases, you must request the end within a month of the event being called. It will end one month after the letter is sent.

Finally, if your car insurance policy is made online or during a door-to-door visit (telephone, home, work, etc.), you will benefit from the right to withdraw. Know that you have the right to waive the contract you signed. This right must be exercised within 14 calendar days of the signing of the contract.

To exercise this right, you must mail a receipt in accordance with Article 112-9 of the Insurance Act. It is the real shipping date. The insurance company can refund you all the amount paid within 30 days of receiving your withdrawal letter.

Car insurance cancellation letter template

The following model letters are completed and adapted by checking the box corresponding to the called termination and then adjusting for the reason for the call. The letter must be sent with confirmation of receipt.

Be careful: The model does not contain any text related to the end of the “Hammon Law”. However, only if the law requires a new insurer to develop this.

full name


Insurance company name


…. (date),

Subject: Termination of automobile insurance contract number …


Case 1: End at maturity

I, the signer …. (name and first name), Declares to terminate the above car insurance policy … (Expiration date of contract), follow the general terms of the contract.

Case 2: End at maturity – Chatel method

I, the signer …. (name and first name), Declares to terminate the above car insurance policy … (Date), in accordance with the provisions of Section L. 113-15-1 of the Insurance Code, and further: (Check why you were called)

There is no information regarding the deadline for exercising the right to terminate the contract based on the expiration notice received.

□ If you receive the expiration notice within 15 days of the expiration of the contract expiration period (postmark will be used as proof).

If the expiration date notification is not sent.

Thank you for refunding any amount that may have been prepaid under this agreement.

Case 3: Other reasons for cancellation (see General Conditions for reasons for cancellation)

As the signer, I (name and first name), for the reasons mentioned above, demand the termination of the above automobile insurance contract in accordance with the options stipulated by law and stipulated in the general terms and conditions of the contract. After checking (please check the reason why it was called):

Changes in my personal situation (talking about changes)

Changes to contract terms (please specify any changes that have occurred: warranty changes, price increases, etc.)

Termination of another contract withdrawn in my name by your service (show the number of the contract terminated by the insurance company)

Thank you. Madam, Sir, thank you.