How the Icicle brand is tackling China’s economic and health crisis


May 24, 2022 6:30 am

You don’t have to rely on Ye Shou Zeng (47) and his wife Tao Xiao Ma (37) to talk about icicles. Responsible Chinese ready-made garment brands for women and men founded in Shanghai belong to them. But it is embodied by its Vice President, Isabelle Capron, a French woman. Under the leadership of Fauchon’s former general manager, their group, called the ICCF, must deal with the thorough hygienic confinement of one-third of Chinese consumers. “” The group has put everything in place to support headquarters staff and three factories around Shanghai, two of which are currently closed. “It has something to do with Paris-based Isabelle Capron. Not surprisingly, ICCF expects April sales to decline by 50%, accelerating the shift in online sales. I hope to catch up in May. “”We have a regular base of 400,000 names “, She argues. Previously arrogant, but thanks to a solid domestic base, icicle growth should return to normal and resume.

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Isabelle Capron crossed the road with its founder in 2012. They were clearly out of the frame,She remembers. They told me: Correct your prejudice, we are new Chinese. ” Them “New Chinese»Travel is a pro-French and a true lover of textiles and fashion. Tao Xiao Ma is a graduate of the famous Donghua University Design School taught by Ye Shou Zeng. “”When,Isabelle Capron continuesThey wanted to dress up in an emerging urban class very early on.Successful betting: With 25 years of presence, its footprint has grown to 300 stores, 271 stores under the Icicle brand, half of which are franchises. In 2020, ICCF revenue was € 217 million, up 12% and more than 20% from last year. For the time being, sales in the Middle Kingdom reached over 95%.


Leader of “green fashion”

The brand gained momentum in 2006 with the purchase of its first factory in the suburbs of Shanghai. This investment allows us to integrate supply and market. In 2013, we acquired the manufacturer of Max Mara coat in Jiangsu province to secure our entry into the luxury market. “”Icicle was also a company that had a mission before that eraUnderline the director,By focusing on natural materials and fluid yet minimalist style, we have the ambition to become a leader in “green fashion” in China.»»

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This group is also on fire in Paris. Based in the capital from 2019, he opened his second store on Faubourg Saint-Honore street, just a stone’s throw from Hermès, and a corner in Bon Marché at the end of February. “”The founders have long wanted to build a foothold in the fashion center of the world.“She explains. With the purchase of Carven, which is in control of the commercial court in 2018, for € 4.2 million, the ICCF is strengthening its influence in the wake of accessible luxury. 2021 In September of the year, the French brand (already close to 20 stores in China) returned to the historic store on the Champs Elysees. “”Carven sculpts a woman’s body, which is a counterpart of the “fresh couture” of icicles“Celebrating the joy of living when it was launched in 1945, today deciphers Isabel Capron, who was responsible for resuming the brand to dress millennials.

Mating talent

The sharing of roles between Shanghai and Paris is based on a mixture of talents. Most of the team (about 3,000 employees) is in China and the group concentrates most of its factories and sales network. With 90 people, Paris has an edge in fashion, brand image, accessories and commercial architecture. The Icicle Creative Center is located above a boutique on Georges Sanc Street. At the store, customers can expand their wardrobe for € 800-1,500 for coats and € 500 for cashmere sweaters. And enjoy accessories, ornaments and beautiful books. “”China’s sales space is a true destination that combines fashion, art galleries, bookstores and cafes.“, Vice President says.

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In 2022, we will focus on the integration of the two brands. Objective: To expand sales in Europe, focusing on the return of foreign tourists to Paris and the newly launched Icicle e-commerce site.And accelerate in ChinaLife shopping», Selling products through influencers’ own sites or social networks.