How Disneyland Paris has transformed Valdurop in 30 years

30 years ago: In 1992, the first location in the city center of the future in Celis & Chessy near the Disneyland Paris tourist resort. (© Epafrance)

Thirty years ago, Valdurop in Seine-et-Marne cultivated grains, beets and potatoes. Later, Disneyland Paris settled down and the rural landscape, dotted with villages, became a dynamic economic sector. As Disneyland Paris celebrates its 30th anniversary, we look back on Valdurop’s economic adventures.

To attract Mickey in France and help establish Europe’s largest amusement park, the state has rolled out the red carpet. Marnu La Valle Sector 4: Red carpet in the form of a unique agreement signed between the state and Euro Disney in 1987 to design the development of Valdurop. 2,230 hectares of land are reserved for an American company.

35 years, time to acquire shares in Val d’Europe

35 years later, the territory is certainly Other facesAlthough only half of the space is installed.

At Disneyland Paris the mall Val d’Europe, 3When Nationally in terms of attendance, and Valley Village Not only new destinations like Natural village Or Val d’Europe, the installation of economic tycoons like Deloitte, is currently one of the most dynamic sectors in the Ile de France.

In 2017, the exterior of the 2000 shopping center has already changed the landscape of Val d'Europe significantly. You can see the amusement park in the background.
In 2017, the exterior of the 2000 shopping center has already changed the landscape of Val d’Europe significantly. You can see the amusement park in the background. (© LaMarne)

Thus, it is the whole of the activity that was born in the bosom of Mickey’s house. 40 million visitors Welcomed every year.

From the beginning, the arrival of American Mastodon required major adjustments. Transportation, logistics, security … Through development, public investment has been made by state and local governments.The latter invested more1 billion euros Create a school, sports facility, or media library.

What was chosen with Mickey: Balance at the end?

The relationship between Disney and local governments, which had lost control of their territorial development, has improved recently, if not necessarily.

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During the signing of Article 9 of the 2020 Constitutional Amendment (not the signatories), elected officials gained true involvement in the construction as well as Disney’s participation in public facilities.Enough to do Soothes the relationship Sometimes a storm.

This year, 35 years of the tournament, Val d’Europe Agglomeration and Disney co-founded the territory brand “Vald’Europe Field of opportunities” to “become one of France’s major economic destinations”. Philippe Descrouet, President of VEA and Mayor of Celis, explains.

Crazy local extension

Economic expansion that brings about the installation of 4-5 companies every week The annual job creation rate is 3.9%. 2021 Report: Aggregation is important 44,000 jobs 6,900 hectares.

Again, Disney’s weight is balanced.Only in the amusement park 16,000 people Represents the first single employer in the country.

The economic benefits are impressive.Economic locomotives in the sector then Direct employment of 63,000 people, Indirectly and induced throughout Ile de France. This includes Disneyland Paris and local partners who have worked with The Walt Disney Company for decades.

84.5 billion euros

This is the amount of billions of euros in Disneyland’s contribution to the French economy since 1992, including 8.8 billion taxes. The company accounts for 6% of France’s tourism revenue.

Economic dynamism is also reflected in the development of important demographics. Thousands of homes were built on more than 2,000 hectares of land given to Disney, turning old villages into truly urbanized towns. 4,672 dwellings It will be built by the end of Phase IV in 2028.

From village to city

When 51,000 inhabitants Today, Val d’Europe should reach 88,000 souls by 2030. Therefore, the crazy expansion is not over. The territory brand created by developer Epa-France at the end of 2021 needs to further enhance the appeal of the sector dreaming of becoming a La Defense in eastern Paris if it is still needed. “How to live more”Emphasizes Christophylal, director of real estate development, a real estate subsidiary of Euro Disney.

Especially because the park is already planned 2000000000 The expansion plan, which includes the realization of three new areas in the park, will open the first area, the Avengers Campus, in the summer of 2022. 1,000 jobs addition.

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