How can I replace the funds with the euro?Here is the expert solution

Life insurance is a popular investment for savers. Especially due to its security nature and always the availability of funds.But according to Vincent Cudkowicz, in a newspaper column world,that too «Uncomfortable feeling Economic”.. And above all, it’s starting to be known. Also, yields will be low while inflation is rising. So our colleague is this expert, Plan well With primalunion, A replacement for life insurance euros. By elaborating on the principles of such contracts, Vincent Cudkowicz emphasizes some relevant elements. Therefore, he encourages those who want to increase their savings in return to consider alternatives. Objeko Here’s everything you need to remember from a detailed article in a newspaper column the world February 27th of this year.

Life insurance and profitability: Is it incompatible with capital security?

All experts agree that this is becoming less and less euro-denominated for life insurance. With interest rates already low, inflation will have a further impact on this savings, which the general public prefers. What is the privileged reason? This is the first point Vincent Cudkowicz responds without a newspaper column. world.. According to him, and of course, life insurance combines performance and security. Also, the funds will be available at any time. However, these are important advantages. But now inflation is like ridiculing life insurance earnings. They are less than 2% and sometimes even 1%. So our colleague asked this expert and allowed him to offer an alternative life insurance fund in euros.

Alternatives that provide better performance

According to Vincent Cudkowicz, this “economic discrepancy” continues while the general public is aware of the lack of rewards for these savings. Still, choosing an alternative to euro-denominated funds means agreeing to say goodbye to the capital guarantee. These are certainly risks, patience, and efforts for the Savior who wants to follow this path. That said Objeko Indeed, it is a pity to choose life insurance capital security in this context. After all, less than 1% revenue is like putting money in Booklet A. However, life insurance is not comparable to such savings, but it may be popular.

In addition, Vincent Cudkowicz always guarantees in newspaper columns world, That saver can maximize their savings return by 4%. To do this, the euro-denominated life insurance funds need to be replaced with specific real estate support. You also have to wait the first 6 months to amortize the admission fee. Nevertheless, after this risk-taking and insured patience, his choice will be rewarded. Life insurance also provides access to cash almost as quickly.

Should life insurance be a dangerous savings?

In addition to the life insurance fund’s real estate support, experts explain that another option is the so-called “Euro Croissance” fund.But the managing director of Plan well With primalunion Again, specify that the capital is not permanently guaranteed.According to whatObjeko I can tell you, these “Euro Croissant” funds are commendable alternatives.But you need to take into account the fact that these are funds based on “Financial market dynamism” And our colleague says world.. Vincent Cudkowicz also gives an example, asserting that life insurance funding could reach 80% in eight years.

Next, you need to make an accurate calculation. This is due to taking into account the rate of return on pre-launch savings. Calculations that may prove to be advantageous given that the rate of return on life insurance to the “Euro Croissant” fund can be as high as 5%. Vincent Cudkowicz also shows that these funds benefit from such a percentage, thanks to investments in real estate, unlisted equities, or various other areas.

In short, the Euro Fund for Life Insurance has several options in the end. Next, it’s up to you to decide whether to prioritize safety or performance. We also know that the higher the return, the greater the risk. Objeko Before you decide, you can only advise too much to accompany an expert in the field. But as you are now informed, you are no longer forced to suffer a return of less than 1% while inflation is damaging the finances of French households.