Health Interrelationships: Which “silver” interrelationships do you choose for older people?

As you approach 60, your medical budget will increase as your needs for testing, seeing a doctor, and medical monitoring may increase. (© PC-PROD / Adob ​​eStock)

Retired households spend on average 5.6% of income for medical expensesCompared to other 2.9% (Source: Dreams – September 2021).

As you approach 60, your medical budget will increase as the need for examinations, medical visits, and medical monitoring increases and can be more regular.This will affect your contribution Mutual health..

Why do we need to compare mutual insurance offers?

Consider changing the solution to Save money and get better insurance May be needed for your health care. You can cancel at any time after December 2020, but you cannot cancel once a year before the anniversary of the contract.

Today, insurance comparators or online brokers can find the one that suits you with just a few clicks.

This comparative study allows you to reduce your costs, Better understand the warranty Provided by each other, but in some cases remains very complex.

Today, insurance comparators or online brokers can find the one that suits you with just a few clicks. (© Rocketclips / Adob ​​eStock)

Which guarantee do you choose?

First you need to make sure you are well protected Most serious risk.. There are certain priority guarantees, such as hospitalization guarantees. After 55 years, we recommend using a 200% warranty.

The hospitalization guarantee covers expenses that are not refundable with health insurance. In particular, hospital costs are only reimbursed at 80% due to health insurance, daily hospital charges, or even more and more frequent overages.

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Second, contracts are generally Very homogeneous In terms of coverage, choosing a better hospitalization guarantee will generally benefit from a better range of dentistry, optics, or routine care at the same time. On the other hand, these more general cares are expensive to guarantee and should not be a priority.

Other priority guarantees

Good health insurance covers consultations with professionals who practice frequently Overage (Ophthalmologist, cardiologist, urologist, etc.).

Good interrelationships often cover your consultation with professionals who claim overruns. (© Sissoupitch / Adob ​​eStock)

Other benefits related to well-being and prevention can be covered Spa treatment where Natural healing for example.

Finally, if you join as a couple, many interrelated parties will offer you a reduction in the amount of contribution.

Increased contribution

The French Mutual Federation (FNMF) has announced that mutual organization prices will fall. In 2022, it increased by an average of 3.4%.

This increase is due to the pandemic impact on the health system. In particular, following mutual insurance repayments that increased tenfold in 2021 in an unprecedented way.

Not to mention the catch-up of postponed care for Covid-19, there is also full reimbursement of care, 100% health benefits of optics, audiology and dentistry.

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