Health insurance: Laura Nataf, reduced people still have to fight to get a refund


This is the story that creates the vocation of lawyers and journalists. Its common denominator is the profession that wants to be vigilant in this world. I read it and saw the testimony of a young woman who suffered from septic shock at the age of 19. You have shut down your computer. However, being sick like Laura and experiencing unexplained obstructions from some of the administration, I realized that I was not timid and compassionate! No, it’s under me.

So I picked up my cell phone, courageously shared the story of Laura Natuff with the reader. Forgive Laura for this primary timid explosion. You can’t experience this in France in the 21st century. In France, we take pride in being the best health care system in the world, an integrated health insurance system.

The epicenter in question remains Laura Nataf, so regardless of the struggle for influence or lobbying, I will soon disconnect myself. I have to state that I don’t know, and probably don’t know in my life. But we are fed up with these frauds that are spreading in our country. Are we from Munich? I am sorry!

First of all, the fact: Laura Nataf, a 19-year-old victim of septic shock, spent a month in a coma. When she woke up, she amputated her limbs. Ten years later, thanks to the boldness and skill of Professor Laurent Lantieri of France and Professor Scott Levin of the United States, she was able to do it again without having to do her own manicure. His two forearm and two-handed transplants in 2016 have certainly been successful. Happy end? No, we are definitely not in Hollywood. If not, Laura’s battle would have ended there. The young woman should have focused only on her rehabilitation and her new life.

But no, she had to embark on a new battle with the help of lawyer Maître Valérie SELLAMBENISTY. The PENN MEDICINE Hospital in Philadelphia, where she operated on August 22nd and 26th, 2016, provides care.


Money, “The CPAM in Paris refused to pay the responsibility for this double transplant completely arbitrarily, despite the legal proceedings of July 12, last year, more than four years after the fact. Justice overturned the refusal to cover treatment abroad and ordered CPAM to pay Laura 671,671.00 euros as part of her treatment. Protest the lawyer. And to mourn:“A decision disputed by an appealing social body that did not pay on August 17. From this day, health insurance will save time and try to prolong this file … do not write a conclusion and do not convey the document. »».. Today, health insurance seems to protect itself behind the discretion to allow or deny treatment abroad, without fear of clearly distinguishing the fate of different patients. Medical opinions from social security physicians that make up the basic elements of a position statement.

in fact, “In the exceptional case provided by the legislator, it is the written and rational opinion of this medical professional that must be communicated to the insured who determines the position of the body. At that time, Laura NATAF, Even if this advisory opinion was not produced in the debate, it would have been satisfying to simply mention the “disadvantageous opinion” from the medical adviser. »»The lawyer says.

Therefore, in the face of these extended operations, Maître Valérie SELLAMBENISTY submitted a cross-appeal interspersed with 69 documents, including new evidence collected for the first time regarding the appeal she reserves for the complaint. A new open hearing will be held on June 23, 1:30 pm, in front of the 6th to 13th rooms of the Paris Court of Appeals. Let’s support Laura Natuff. At least for her to resume her normal life without anxiety.