Health insurance for pregnant women far from the maternity hospital is for 5 nights

The April 14, 2022 decree published in the official journal of April 15, 2022 is:Temporary non-medical facility for Pregnant women away from motherhoodThe first provision of the Social Security Financing Act (LFSS) of 2020.

The decree sets conditions for access to this service and financing, and specifies the terms for payment of the corresponding shipping costs.

Be careful

The accommodation provided is not medicalized and care cannot be provided except in an emergency.

Non-medical temporary accommodation: who can benefit from it?

Pregnant women who live more than 45 minutes away from gynecological and obstetric facilities, if requested Temporary non-medical facility..

As an arrogance, we may also provide accommodation for pregnant women who may be more than 45 minutes away from the obstetrics and gynecology facility on the scheduled date due to temporary conditions (weather conditions, busy roads, etc.). Of arrival. ‘childbirth.

Accommodation is limited to 5 nights At best continuous. They must always be before the expected date of delivery.

If there is a medical need, this period may be extended to the actual delivery date. Similarly, in the case of a morbid pregnancy, this benefit can be provided at any time during pregnancy. Its need and duration is left to the medical evaluation under the conditions defined by the order.

Be careful

Specificity applies to pregnant women residing in Guyana.

Accommodation may be provided within a gynecological and obstetrics facility within a specified facility separate from the care and hospitalization area, or outside this facility dedicated to the accommodation and nearby.

Pregnant women in containment can decide to share their room with one or more companions (eg spouse). However, this possibility is limited to the capacity of the property.

In addition, the execution of this service may be outsourced to a third party (another medical institution or a corporation under public or private law) by contract.

Scope of social security

Non-medical facility Funded by Health insurance For all pregnant women who benefit from medical expense compensation. For everyone else, service is charged to them (and so is the service of all companions).

Support is in the form of a flat rate per night and no additional donations to the property can be requested. There will be legislation to set the terms of this funding and the amount of the lump sum.

Transportation from your place of residence to a temporary non-medical facility or a gynecological and obstetrics unit for pregnant women is also covered by health insurance under certain conditions. Upon request, this transportation may be carried out by an approved company or a taxi company with a contract with a local health insurance agency.

To benefit from this coverage, you must first seek your health insurance consent.

Be careful

How to ask for prior consent for health insurance?

  1. The doctor must ask for prior consent. This is equivalent to a prescription for transportation.
  2. You complete this request for prior consent and send it to your health insurance fund medical advisor.
  3. It is worth agreeing if you do not receive a response within 15 days of sending. If you are refused, you will receive a letter from your health insurance.