Hail “returns pressure” to insurance reform


The Minister of Agriculture came to see the massive damage caused by the hail on June 19th at Loire Echer yesterday. He promised to “replace pressure” to enable “all aid devices” and launch a new insurance system on January 1st, and to discuss the issue of the Olympic average at the European level. ..


He left on the ground, broke vines, damaged vines … Sunday, June 19th, at the end of the day at Loire Echer, a fierce hailstorm devastated the vines. Municipality. According to the Agricultural Council, 500 hectares of vines are affected, of which about 100 hectares will reduce future yields by 60-80%.

In Owari, winemakers Noel Louvalley and Benjamin de Robert were once again damaged by the hail. “Last year we were able to prun the vines and recover half of the yield, but there is a 90% loss.”In the face of Agriculture Minister Mark Fesnow, who came to see the damage on June 21, Noe Ruvalley said.

Originally from these lands of Loir-et-Cher, the minister has long listened to winemakers, nursery teachers, market gardeners and farmers who have been suffering since the storm that destroyed their crops in Oisly. “We plan to activate all possible aids, including agricultural disasters, TFNB relief, social burden exemptions, partial unemployment, and harvest purchases. If we can pass this, we will see if we can extend PGE. Yes, the relatively majority of Congress has its own disasters, but I’m not desperate for common sense. “Said Mark Fesnow.


Climate insurance has been widely discussed by experts, along with the issue of the Olympic average. “According to winemaker practices and his purposes, we should be able to ensure the true potential of exploitation.”Proposed François Kazin, President of the Federation of Wine Associations 41. “Calculations need to take into account only years with no climatic hazards, and insurance should also cover marketing costs.”Appealed to Laure Dubreuil, president of the independent winemaker of Loire Echer.

Prescription ready at the beginning of September

Agricultural insurance reform was passed in February last year, but the ordinance that sets out the triggers for all UN bands and the level of insurance assistance has not yet been announced. “The pressure will need to be reapplied to activate the system on January 1st.Launched Marc Fesneau. The prescription will be ready in early September. The majority related to Congress is not a problem here. These ordinances are included in the regulated area. “..

The wicked problem of the Olympic average remains. “This issue will not be resolved on January 1, 2023. It is a WTO issue with the Marrakech Agreement with the European level.Warned the minister. Now that it’s no longer a matter of competition distortion, I’m going to form a coalition with my European colleagues in this regard. “

Improve performance to deal with danger

Thierry Michaux, president of ODG Touraine, has been appointed as the new chief of Clinao Valde Loire, in a meeting with the Minister of Champagne Experts’ Thoughts on Increasing Yields to Address the Dangers on June 21. talked.

“As the climate evolves, we can reach and even exceed our target yields while improving quality. We saw it in 2018. We regulate enrichment, alcohol levels, and supplies. Have a safeguard with tools to do: VCI, spare between experts. If you have a high yield, you can harvest everything, save a portion of the volume and sell it later. “..