Hacking data from over 500,000 policyholders!

In a press release, health insurance confirmed that hackers have recovered the personal data of more than 500,000 policyholders. Hackers capture access to 19 expert accounts and connect to patient records with automated systems such as name, name, date of birth, gender, as well as social security numbers and medical condition-related data. You can now access the information. ..

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A new hiccup of French medical services! October 2021, Thousands of files Part of the family allowance fund bug Computer when updating the site identification system.This time it ’s more serious since then Health insurance Detected at the end of last week Successful connection to an amelipro account reserved for a medical professional by an unauthorized person “.

To ” Unauthorized person “, We have to understand.” Pirate“And according to the initial findings, hackers were able to connect to 19 accounts of medical professionals whose email addresses were compromised. Through automatic connections to named services. Patient informationThen the scammers got access personal data With hundreds of thousands of policyholders, information such as name, name, date of birth, gender, as well as social security numbers and rights-related data is messed up.Meanwhile, contact information (email, address, phone), bank details, and Pathology Treatment prescriptions are not affected.

Data resold on the dark web

“” The stolen password acts as a key to unlock the treasure trove of information Reminds me of Chris Dickens, a sales engineer at Hacker One. When this information is disclosed, the question is where it goes and who is affected by this data breach. This is especially common in the medical industry, where patient system credentials need to be distributed to specialists such as hospitals, pharmacies, consulting firms, and universities.»»

According to this expert Restored data It will be sold on the dark web and could be purchased and abused by other cybercriminals as well. This type of breach can lead to Vital Card fraud because the Social Security number is part of the recovered data.

Victims of hacking are warned

As part of that, and at the first sign of the attack, health insurance banned IP addresses that were accessing 19 Amelipro accounts and reset the accounts of affected medical professionals.For them, it’s essentially a problem Create a new password.. In addition, monitoring tools are installed, Abnormal Identification Teleservice From the Amelipro portal.

According to health insurance, 510,000 policyholders have been affected by this data breach and have been individually notified of the incident. In this message, CPAM raises awareness of the increased risk of phishing even if the email address and phone number have not been hacked. Awareness mainly related to medical professionals as the disability came from Ameliplo.

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