Guidewire cloud drives innovation in the insurance industry

London-(BUSINESSWIRE)-Guidewire (NYSE: GWRE) hosted a customer conference for the Guidewire Insurance Forum in London yesterday. At this face-to-face event, several international ideological leaders shared best practices related to the non-life insurance market in the EMEA region, worked with industry peers, and provided the opportunity to contact the Guidewire team. Gathered.

Mike Rosenbaum, President and CEO of Guidewire, talked about the diversity of Guidewire’s customer community, including nearly 70 companies in 18 EMEA countries, from Tier 1 insurers to new SMEs. He was aware of the various unique and common innovation strategies adopted by this community. He is underpinned by his desire to reduce implementation and upgrade costs and simplify innovation. Rosenbaum confirmed Guidewire’s commitment to the EMEA region through continued investment in market solutions as part of Guidewire’s transformation as a cloud service. He concludes that this transformation is difficult, but it is also necessary. GuidewireCloudPlatform has evolved to drive innovation and innovation through market launch, data drive and digital strategies.

The following guide wire speakers were also introduced.

  • Diego de ValleProduct Development Director, talked about how Guidewire Cloud Platform has evolved to continually innovate through cutting-edge digital engagement and actionable insights from embedded analytics.
  • Laura DrabikChief Evangelist explains how Integrated Insurance can combine core, digital and data to give insurers a competitive advantage, and Guidewire’s open API to give insurers access to new client groups. Did.
  • Ian GibbardIn charge of the London market, Paul Mallet, The Senior Product Manager discussed Guidewire’s London market roadmap to provide policies, underwriting and billing capabilities tailored to the London market and support further modernization.
  • Will McAllisterGuidewire Cloud, Head of Global Legal, explains how Guidewire Cloud enables European insurers to adapt to complex and often difficult regulations to perform safe, secure and resilient operations. did.
  • Christina ColbyClient director, and Anemaly Bruch, Senior Director of Transformation Strategy described Guidewire Cloud’s Enhanced Engagement Model. This allows Guidewire customers to reach their goals.When
  • Charles ClarkeVice President of Sales, Digital, Data and Analytics explained Guidewire’s vision of how data and analytics create unprecedented opportunities for differentiation.

Guidewire Marketing Director Brian Desmond has announced the first Guidewire EMEA Outstanding Achievement Awards to honor Colonnade (Luxembourg), Direct Line Group (UK), P & V (Belgium) and Tryg (Denmark). Winners went on stage to share their experience and knowledge gained with Guidewire technology.

Prior to the end of the event, conference attendees participated in a panel discussion on how Guidewire Cloud is accelerating innovation. RudiSerron, CIO of P & V, Steen Wung-Sung, Claim DK, Tryg, Chief Financial Officer of Vittorio Giusti, Former CEO of Aviva Italy.

About guide wire software

Guidewire is a platform that P & C insurers trust to effectively engage, innovate and grow. Combining digital, core business, analytics, and AI, we bring the platform to the cloud as a service. From start-ups to the world’s largest and most complex companies, more than 450 insurers use Guidewire.

As a client partner, we are constantly evolving to drive client success. We are proud of our unrivaled implementation record with over 1,000 successful projects backed by the industry’s largest R & D team and the broadest partner ecosystem. Our platform offers hundreds of applications that accelerate integration, localization and innovation.

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