Great fatigue at Paul Amplois

“” When I called for a strike on February 1, I was surprised to see all the unions following us. “SudEmploi spokesman Emmanuel Deleplace explains. Ten unions of public operators have actually mobilized mobilization. This unit is very unique, Comment Bernie Billy, CFDT Central Representative. It was first created with a reward issue, five years later, without a general increase.But the subject of working conditions was also very present. “.

It cannot be said that the strike had a great influence on wage negotiations. On February 25, because there was no majority agreement, the general manager said, ” Exceptionally »Take one-sided measures. For private law agents, a generally 1% increase. It is well below the 2022 3% inflation forecast.

Was requested by Economic alternative On these issues, Paul Amprowa’s management claims to have taken 15 steps aimed at alleviating some of the pressure felt by the 55,000 agents. ) was “relax”, Their maturity was postponed for several months. The deployment of IT tools has improved, for example more scanners supporting the Zero Paper Plan. However, a series of “action plans” aimed at specific job seekers, despite embodying most of the criticism, have not been questioned.

One plan chases the other

This is how the Youth Commitment Agreement (CEJ) was launched on March 1st without firing. It was after a plan for long-term job seekers (DELDs) at the beginning of the year to take over the remobilization plan for RSA holders, not to mention Operation Paul Amplois “All Mobilization” aimed at supporting the country’s reconstruction plan. Coming and mobilizing public employment service advisors in the development of the government system “one youth, one solution” …

“” One sect kicks out the other sect, Observe Snap Secretary-General Laurent Mureek, a staff member of the Paul Amplois National Union. These operations mobilize most of the agency’s staff and undermine the agency’s day-to-day mission and reception... »« There is a lot of pressure on the numbers. “Sylvie Amblot, President of CFTC Amploi, report.. ” MeThe youth employment contract began on March 1. Shows Bernie Billy. The next day, management began calling us every day to find out where we were. »»

“We are asked to brag about the government’s actions against lowering unemployment. It’s real and we can only rejoice in it. But long-term unemployment hasn’t dropped,” CGT’s Sylvie Espagnolle.

This pressure is associated with certain frustrations. Each political priority has its own plans, Sylvie Amblot explains. Then we move on to another priority, another plan. It’s not about making numbers for the purpose of communication, it’s the feeling that you never go to the end. »« I never felt like I was instrumented like this. ” Emmanuel Dereplace sighed. “” We are asked for praise head-onGovernment action on reducing unemployment, Sylvie Espagnolle, the central representative of the CGT, continues. It’s real and we can only rejoice in it. However, we can also see that the long-term unemployment rate has not declined. »»

This is part of the reason why the historic decline in unemployment should not lead to less pressure on Paul Amprowa’s advisors. Paradoxically, the lower the unemployment rate, the more we are asked to do.Bernie Billy comments. The rest of the job seekers have more difficulties and need better support. »»

In addition, as more jobs are sent to Paul Amprowa, of course, not only will business advisors be more active, but employment advisors will be more active. If the offer is low, the offer will be fulfilled without any actual intervention. Because eThey are accepted by the most independent job seekers. ” Sylvie Amblot explains.

Reforms that are difficult to explain

It’s not just the 22,000 hiring advisors who are under pressure. 5,000 compensation agents are responsible for explaining and applying the unemployment insurance reforms that came into effect on July 1, 2021. ” They are used to reform, but this is really delicate “, Laurent Merique observes.

Moreover, ” Their formation took place two years ago when the reforms were adopted.Sylvie Amblot continues. It may seem distant, as implementation has been delayed due to the health crisis. “And above all, the extension of the base period, the minimum working hours to receive compensation, has increased to 6 months in the last 24 months (compared to the 4 months in the previous 28 months).” You can reduce the allowances for those who chain short contracts, Sylvie Espagnolle explains. The arbitrator needs to manage complex situations that can create tension “.

“The buildup of complexity is causing delays. It’s hard for agents who are familiar with the importance of compensation issues to job seekers to live with,” CFTC’s Sylvie Amblot.

Reforms are more complex to implement in that they have been the subject of many corrective actions, and advisors seek new supporting documents from job seekers or call them back to reconsider their compensation amounts. I was forced to do it. “” This accumulation of complexity caused delaysSylvie Amblot explains. It’s hard to live with agents who are familiar with the importance of compensation issues to job seekers. »»

The reception agent is especially exposed. The most experienced advisors mobilized by the action plan are young people and CDDs landing at the reception. They sometimes deal with aggressive job seekers and do not always feel great pain.

“” The reception is actually Paul Amplois’s black point, but it’s basic for the most volatile and the farthest from employment, Laurent Merique commented. Management even ordered a mission on this subject at the end of 2021... “While pending conclusions,’Manac’ (reception manager) was released from a particular meeting:” They need to be able to work 100% without being trapped in their office during a video conference “, Laurent Merique continues.

Confused manager

Video, audio, and other internal meeting issues at Paul Emploi were subject to numerous “field feedback,” so management was asked to “White Day” a week as part of its post-strike decision on February 1. Proposed to set. Free the “ELD” (local management team) from solicitation.

The February 1st strike strongly mobilized management. More subject to inconsistent injunctions than all agentsI believe in Bernie Billy. For example, if you can’t control your organization, you’ll be asked to innovate. They spend time managing and reporting their schedules. They want us to trust them more. »»

With the exception of a meticulous reorganization, it’s unclear if Macron’s promised “French Travel” one-stop shop will work much better.

This is what the plan, which started in 2020, should have been under the name “Trust Challenge”. Purpose : “ STo arouseinnovation And sharing best practices “After that, I announced the direction.” This vision of participatory management is a masquerade. Emmanuel Deleplace commented. The manager can’t afford it. They apply only the decisions from above. The date of the merger of ANPE and Unédic, which gave birth to Paul Amplois, as if the organization had become more rigorous for reorganizations that took place after 2008.

On March 17, Emmanuel Macron revealed the main policies of the program he would like to implement if he was reelected as President of the Republic. In particular, we plan to consolidate all employment, integration and training operators into a vast organization called Travale in France. May they work together to reach the goal of full employment.. This was also the purpose of the founding of Paul Amprowa. That is, give each job seeker one advisor who is in charge of managing compensation and return to work.

Diversity has been lost. Faced with the complexity of these activities, the advisor has returned to his original area of ​​expertise. With the exception of a meticulous reorganization, it’s unclear if Macron’s promised “French Travail” one-stop shop will work much better …