From the career of the FAIT DU SOIR military to the lives of civilians, the Army is open to the business world.

From the foreground and behind, Deputy Prime Minister Saadia Tamelikecht was also present, and Gard’s Chief of Staff, Ilia Suc, was also present (Photo Anthony Maurin).

In the barracks of Colonel Chabrielle of Neem, General Eric Ozanne, the representative of Gard’s troops commanding the 6th Light Armored Brigade, Neem-Rodin-Larzac Defense Base, and Neem Parade Ground, is the company of Governor Marie Francoise Recaillon. The weight of the army of the department.

Gull’s army is one thing, and in Neem it is yet another. The city of Antonin has a military past that it has always liked to revive since the Roman Legion, which was undoubtedly stationed there. Guard, also the strategic zone of the Mediterranean arc.

In addition, look at the demographic weights of Gard’s army. It has 12,500 people and consists of 5,000 active duty soldiers and 7,500 spouses and children. In addition to the purpose of protecting the country, the Army is active and driving force in many fields such as protection of the environment and heritage, development of the spirit of citizenship, and obligation of memory.

Governor Maria Francisca of Sauce and General Ozanne elaborate on Army equipment (pictured Anthony Morin).

Therefore, in order to improve mutual knowledge and further strengthen its connection with civil society, the Army has its extended network, its institutional and economic, on the day of presentations and exchanges where programming leaves little room for improvisation. I invited a partner.

The beginning of the presentation at the amphitheater, introduced by General Ozanne himself. Then there was a discussion about spouse employment and themes of soldier recruitment, courses and retraining before ending with a presentation of the regiment in Neem Square. Therefore, the 2nd Foreign Infantry Regiment, the 503rd Train Regiment, and the 4th Equipment Regiment went there.

Colonel Chabrière’s barracks in Neem (pictured Anthony Morin).

It was in the barracks amphitheater that the detailed presentation of the army was actually given by General Ozanne. Their motto is ” Fast, strong, far » The army of Southern France is ready and wants to open up or strengthen their role in the heart of the local business community. Recruitment, training, retraining, equipment, real estate, public contracts, bid calls … everything happened there to the joy of business leaders and institutions attending this wonderful presentation.

Presentation to the business community at the regimental amphitheater (photo Anthony Morin).

For General Ozanne, this day was ” Open the army to the world of business. Since arriving in Neem this summer, I have made double observations. The business leaders and employers’ organizations I met told me that it was difficult to hire staff. Then there are many people in the army who have turned to civilian life and remain in the areas where they served. Some wives are looking for a job. Supply and demand meet locally. The guard is the largest garrison army in the Army, so I want to build a strong bond! »»

Recruitment is centered around six general values: merit, altruism, fraternity, high standards, excellence and fairness. The Army recruits 16,000 young people each year, 99% of whom want to join the infantry corps. However, the Army does not need 99% snipers! Here, as with SNCF or RATP, adoption takes place in six phases.

Of course, recruits are trained in army trade, but they are also trained in specialized trade with good skills. In reality, 20% of the time soldiers spend in the Army is spent training. Soldiers never continue to know what they know. Everything evolves in life. And thanks to this, the social stairs (unlike elevators, which require some effort) work well.

(Photo Anthony Morin).

With an annual assessment backed by professional career reports, the military has the concept of margins gained over time and training. For non-commissioned officers, the annual orientation is recorded in addition to the balance sheet and rating. “” You will see the soldiers well trained. They also have life skills and know-how. “ General Ozanne is careful.

After recruitment and military career phases, retraining continues for both personnel and their spouse. Place in defense mobility to discuss the subject. Project manager Stéphanie Barbe said of the retraining: In 2021, 101 reclassifications took place in Neem, of which 83 were soldiers and 18 were spouses. In 2022, there are 368 candidates we support, of which 171 have completed the course. (24 spouses are also being followed, editor’s note).. A total of 137 staff have left the facility and 80% are registered with Paul Amplois. »»

A major employment forum was also held at Gallons Base on April 7, with 18 companies already participating in the rendezvous. This means that 80% of retraining requests are made to stay on Gard’s territory, even if 80% of the jobs are from Yellow. Overall, 70% of retrainers choose to look to the transportation industry.

General Ozanne (pictured Anthony Morin).

And there was an announcement of the 4th RMAT, which is strongly recruited! As a result, 3,500 major devices are under maintenance. Many other resources need to be added to this. Equipment that requires long-term maintenance because it is expensive but has a lifespan of 30 or 40 years.

The 503RT, which arrived in Gallon from Girond in 2011, was announced as well as 2.When REI celebrated the 191st anniversary of the founding of a foreign corps a few days ago. Each year, the agency sees 6,000 candidates approaching for potential recruitment, but the corps costs only 1,000. In the case of Colonel Geoffroy Desgrées du Loû, ” A very rich human community Legion employs and trains personnel from all over the world under its motto ” I am prepared. “” Legionnaire is a particular soldier because even the French, despite being Gallia, have to engage and serve as foreigners. For us, it is imperative that our soldiers and their spouses leave the corps in a clean way so that they can find a job after the end of their career. »»

In this presentation, he also talked about the purchase of a farm in the town of Saint Jean Dugard by the 2nd REI, which is the current military desert and highly suitable land for infantry combat.

(Photo Anthony Morin).

In conclusion, General Ozanne wants to continue his efforts to open these regiments to the business world. “” This morning is my first walk. The goal is to bring supply and demand together at the regional level. We are here to support and promote all of this. At noon, after spending time in the amphitheater, the procession was presented with a 2e REI training facility to have lunch and then returned to civilian life.