“From a security perspective, you need insurance for all risks.”


Gregory Joron, Secretary General of the SGP Police FO Unit Union, came to Bastia yesterday to meet the police. A similar trip took place today at the Ajaccio police station.Opportunity to show support and request more resources

JI came to see my colleagues and paid homage to their constant commitment and gave them my humble support. “ Highlighting Gregory JoronGeneral SecretarySGP police FO unit, A national coalition with a majority among police officers.He was traveling yesterday BastiaWhere in the illustration “Morale and mutual aid in the police”, He spoke with staff of various services at the Bastia Police Station: Public Security, Judicial Police, Border Police, and he went to Furiani’s CRS Cantonment. Gregory Joron will be accompanied by Bruno Baltosetti, National Secretary’s Representative for the Southern Region. Alain Vastel, Secretary of State for CRS. And Dominique Meskida, the Secretary of State of CRS delegated to the Southern Zone, and the regional delegation. The visit continued this Wednesday at the Ajaccio Police Station.

The move follows numerous urban violence during a nationalist demonstration in support of Yvan Colonna, which Corsica police have been facing in recent weeks, during which 160 police officers were injured. Battle of Bastia “. “It’s a miracle that there was no death!” », He emphasizes to one of the leaders of the union, especially the attempted bomb attack targeting the post office on Marechal Sebastiani Street. “We received petanque balls, Molotov cocktails, agricultural bombs … there was a desire to kill a policeman and therefore a man.” Indignant Bruno Bartosetti.

“This ultra violence is extraordinary and less acceptable on Corsica than anywhere else. Protest against Gregory Joron. There is nothing to justify such an outburst of violence against the power of order consisting of fathers and mothers. Colleagues had to work as hard as they could and it was difficult to occupy a static position, but they acted professionally by adopting appropriate responses to their resource usage. »»

“The CRS has the ability to be elastic and they no longer need to be demoed, and they maintained that position, but the demonstrations at Bastia were repeated and the strength and duration were highly tested. I had to stay for a week and was mobilized for 27 days. »» Add Dominique Female Skida.

Human resources needs

Gregory Joron, Secretary General of the SGP Police FO Unit Union. -Photo Rafael Poretti


Gregory Joron believes it “This crisis is clear.” Waiting for answers from the lack of means and from the hierarchy. “It requires a quick reflection on the state of the army. Reinforcements are expected as services change and rebuild. Cities like Bastia no longer have a Bacdejour (Editor’s Note: Security Brigade). I do not understand that there is no second zone intervention unit. »»

Regarding CRS, Dominique Mesquida used to “There were two units on Corsica, one in Ajaccio and the other in Bastia, which were functioning normally. At that time, the CRS shared between Ajaccio and Bastia was 75-80. Since there was only one in between, the operational capacity was reduced. We received a second return. »»

Corsican authorities of the SGP unit regularly point out the shortage of personnel in Ajaccio and Bastia,“We are playing with fire while keeping the safety of our colleagues and the safety of our residents.”

The union wants to be provided with human resources so that the public security departments of Autocors and Corsdusud can find it. “Reasonable operational capacity and consistent staffing”.

“So far, the reinforcements have announced the first gesture, but it’s inadequate because it’s a rebalancing to make up for retirement. I hope the Minister of Interior will deal with the difficulties. To return to the form of police, you need MTF and local police. »»

“We’ve been ringing the alarm bell for a while, and we’re not going to let go, Bruno Bartosetti shouts. The means are almost inadequate. Additional personnel are needed and history proves that we are right. »»

The union believes that the nation must learn the lessons of violence in this city and should not cut corners and tackle it. Gregory Joron relies on the insurance policy metaphor to provide an analysis of the means deployed from a security perspective. “In some areas you can be a third party, but in others like Corsica you need full risk insurance. Use it on the day you need it, even if you don’t use it on a daily basis. , Measure its usefulness. »»