France’s economic growth was “certainly affected,” Macron said

Emmanuel Macron announced this Wednesday, March 2nd “Economic and Social Resilience Plan” When “Increased investment in defense” To respond to the consequences of the war in Ukraine “inevitably” Affects the growth of the country.

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“I asked the Prime Minister to develop an economic and social resilience plan in the coming days.” The President of the Republic declared in a speech on television to deal with the difficulties caused by the conflict.

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“Today’s highest growth is inevitably affected by rising oil, gas and raw material prices, which will affect tomorrow’s purchasing power: refueling prices, heating costs, and the cost of certain products. May rise further. “He warned.

Ukrainian War: What Emmanuel Macron said in his speech

In 2021, France increased its GDP by 7% after a 8% decrease in 2020 during a pandemic.

The president quoted two economic sectors “suffer” When “Will suffer” Especially agriculture and industry. “Because it relies on imports of raw materials from Russia and Ukraine, or because they export to these countries.”He explained.

While all 19 French industrial sectors were accepted by the Minister of Industry Agnes Panier Lunacher in the afternoon and considered the specific difficulties of the various sectors, the President promised: ” protect “ When “support” The most exposed economic sector, “By looking for new suppliers or new business opportunities”..

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“We provide the answer”

“It’s for this purpose that I talked to counterparts in the US, Europe and the Middle East.”He specified.

“Provide appropriate response to trade flow disruptions and rising prices.”He promised.

The European summit in Versailles will focus on lessons from the war in Ukraine, Macron says.

At the budget level, the president has shown that France will increase its investment in defense. “Determined from 2017” When “We will continue our economic, research and innovation independence and investment strategies that have already been strengthened in the light of the pandemic.”He said.

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Mr. Macron felt that the country should be on the theme of sovereignty, as he did on the day of the Agricultural Show. “Accept to pay the price of peace, freedom and democracy” of “Invest more to reduce dependence on other continents”..

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In terms of energy, he showed him “Will defend Europe’s energy self-sufficiency strategy”.. “We can no longer rely on Russian gas to move others, especially us, warm us, and run our factories.”He added.